In 1985, a disciplinary council in physics and astronomy became a formal part of CUR. Physicists at predominantly undergraduate institutions (PUIs), including - Jim Cederberg, David Peak and John Van Zytveld, were responsible for bringing physics to CUR. It was a critical crossroads in the development of CUR as we know it today. The Physics and Astronomy division has been, and remains, very active in supporting research with undergraduates.
The goals of the division are to support undergraduate research in Physics and Astronomy by
  • Gathering and sharing information about undergraduate research funding
  • Gathering and sharing information about curricular opportunities
  • Identifying and delivering support services to departments and faculty, both junior and senior
We do these by offering a wide variety of programs and services to our members a part of a CUR-wide effort to promote research with undergraduates.  Our division advances the mission of CUR by focusing on undergraduate research issues in the areas of physics and astronomy.

Division Activities

We offer the following avenues to communicate with our councilors, members of the Physics and Astronomy Division and/or other people interested in undergraduate research in physics and astronomy:
Physics/Astronomy Research Vignettes
A collection of vignettes from CUR P&A members who have implemented undergraduate research across the curriculum. To view these vignettes, please visit Physics and Astronomy Research Vignettes
Grant and tenure portfolio reviews (our version of Mentoring Service)
Experienced faculty helping others along - this is the essence of CUR.  Contact Beth Cunningham and she will match you with someone close to your interests, with whom you can discuss job applications, grant applications, tenure documents, or whatever professional mentoring needs you may have.
American Institute of Physics Affiliated Society
CUR's Physics & Astronomy Division is an AIP Affiliated Society. Our members qualify for reduced subscription prices on AIP's magazines and journals. To learn more, visit the AIP Affiliated Societies Website