Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is designed to assist secondary and postsecondary institutions with developing, supporting and sustaining their undergraduate research efforts. Partnering with CUR enables campus transformation, offering tools for administrators, opportunities to showcase and strength student achievements, and access professional development in research and curriculum for faculty and staff. Institutional membership exemplifies administrative commitment to undergraduate research, a message that resonates with faculty and students, both current and prospective. Undergraduate research is an important component of higher education. With CUR’s wide contact base, it provides dynamic national and international representation of those involved at your institution. The benefits of our institutional memberships are comprehensive and designed to exceed those of the individual membership level. 

There are two types of Institutional membership to choose from – Regular or Enhanced.*​

Membership BenefitInstitutional – RegularInstitutional – Enhanced
Included individual membership access3 institutional repsunlimited
Access to exclusive CUR Online Community3 institutional repsunlimited
Access to post on job board3 institutional repsunlimited
Scholarly journal, SPUR, online subscription3 institutional repsunlimited
This Week in Washington advocacy updates3 institutional repsunlimited
CUR Conversations, online gatherings around a specific topicunlimitedunlimited
Preferred pricing for CUR products, services, + programsunlimitedunlimited
Pricing$1011*Starting at $2300*

Interested in becoming a part of the community?  Fill out this form and email CUR. 

Paying by check? Mail your payment to:

Council on Undergraduate Research
PO Box 745993
Atlanta, GA 30374-5993

Overnight Mail ONLY:
Bank of America Lockbox Services
Lockbox 745993
600 Feldwood Rd
College Park, GA 30349

*Is your institution part of a system or international? Contact for custom pricing.

Need help or have questions? Reach out to our customer experience manager who can
guide you to your new CUR Membership. Call (202) 783-4810 or email