Psychology Division

Who are we?

Psychology Division Chair: Karen Gunther, Wabash College

The Psychology Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research provides networking opportunities, activities, and resources to assist administrators, faculty members, students, practitioners, mentors, and others in advancing undergraduate research. 

Division Activities

The Psychology Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research supports research in our discipline. To support these activities, we provide networking opportunities, activities, and resources for faculty, students, and others. Some of our active resources are provided below:

  • Communications: We encourage our members to reach out to the division with questions and/or suggestions. We offer the following avenues to communicate with our councilors, members of the Psychology Division, and/or other people interested in undergraduate research in psychology.
  • CUR Conversation
    • The latest CUR Conversation with Nicole Campione-Barr, Psychology Division Mid-Career Mentor Awardee, entitled “Growing and Diversifying the Field of Psychological Science through Mentored Undergraduate Research Programs” is now on CUR’s YouTube page.  Watch it here.
  • Awards
    • Psychology Undergraduate Student Research or Presentation Awards  – The deadline to apply is November 1, 2023.
      The CUR Psychology Division is offering a limited number of research (e.g., supplies or expenses) or presentation (travel/conference registration) awards for undergraduate students conducting original psychological research (up to $400 per project). 
    • Mid-Career Mentoring Award: – The deadline to apply is October 16, 2023.
      Every other year, the division awards a mid-career mentoring award. The award is presented to a CUR Psychology Division member who has influenced UR through his/her own research, through scholarly or creative projects with undergraduates, and/or through demonstrated leadership activities. The award consists of $500. (Check out our past winners.)
  • UR Conferences in Psychology
    • Are you an undergraduate researcher in psychology looking for a conference to present your work? Below is a list of conferences targeted to you. These conferences are:
      • Specifically for undergraduate research in psychology/neuroscience
      • Open to undergraduates at multiple institutions 
    • Check out our full conference list.