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Advocating for undergraduate research takes on a variety of forms. Whether you are an ambassador for undergraduate research, a student championing its importance, or simply someone passionate about fostering the growth and success of undergraduate research, CUR has compiled valuable resources to assist in advocacy efforts at every level of government—be it federal, state, or local. These resources are designed to empower and support civically engaged researchers in their mission to promote and advance the significance of undergraduate research within the broader academic and societal landscape.

Upcoming Events
Jun 24
ConnectUR in College Park, MD
June 24-26, 2024
The ConnectUR conference will provide a forum where attendees can draw on knowledge exchange, scholarship of teaching and learning, group discussion, and community building to expand their approaches to undergraduate research.
Jan 01
January 01, 1970
Apr 15
Undergraduate Research Week
April 15-19, 2024
This is a national celebration in which CUR showcases what other campuses are doing to celebrate undergraduate research, congratulate students, and thank those faculty and mentors who have helped guide the way.​