July 1-3, 2018
NCUR 2023 is Accepting Abstracts

The theme, Research at the Confluence, represents a "bringing together" of artistic fields and other disciplines. NCUR encourages abstract submissions from all academic disciplines. Learn more about how to submit and what to expect from UW-Eau Claire!

Submit by November 30
July 1-3, 2018
Attend Virtual Dialogues 2023

Writing a grant may feel like climbing a mountain. Let CUR Dialogues provide an accessible platform for you to discuss, learn, and listen to the many possibilities of funding and grants with federal agency program officers and grant funders.

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July 1-3, 2018
50% off CUR Print Publications

Make sure to stock up your shelves with CUR's publications! Get 50% off print publications using code THANKFUL23 The sale ends December 31, 2022.

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July 1-3, 2018
SPUR Fall 2022

The 2022 Fall edition of CUR's scholarly journal, a highly sought-after member benefit, covers a variety of topics focusing on the community of undergraduate research.

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