Arts & Humanities Division

Who are we?

Art and Humanities Division Chair: Amy Woodbury Tease, Norwich University 

The Arts and Humanities Division represents a broad range of university and college faculty and students. We serve anyone committed to undergraduate research in the arts and humanities. Here are some of the disciplines that make up our division: American Studies, Archeology, Art History, Classics and Ancient Language, Communications, Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, Dance, Design, English Literature, Ethnic Studies, Film Studies, History, Jurisprudence, Media Arts, Modern Languages and Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Selected Interdisciplinary and Area Studies, Theater, Visual Arts, Women’s and Gender Studies.

Division Activities

The Arts and Humanities Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CURAH) supports undergraduate research in the arts and humanities. Research in our disciplines includes scholarship and creative activity. To support these activities, we provide networking opportunities, activities, and resources for faculty, students, and others. Our active blog and our growing list of resources and best practices reflect the pooled expertise of our members.