Learning Through Research

Arts and Humanities

The Council on Undergraduate Research Arts and Humanities (CURAH) Division

Established in 2009, CURAH represents a broad range of university and college faculty with a strong investment in undergraduate research and creative expression across disciplinary areas which include but are not limited to the following fields:

  • American Studies
  • Archeology
  • Art History
  • Classics and Ancient Language
  • Communications
  • Comparative Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Design
  • English Literature
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Film Studies
  • History
  • Jurisprudence
  • Media Arts
  • Modern Languages and Literature
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • Selected Interdisciplinary and Area Studies
  • Theater
  • Visual Arts
  • Women’s and Gender Studies

Arts and Humanities Student Travel Awards

These awards fund student presentations of outstanding undergraduate research or artistic projects at CUR’s Posters on the Hill (POH), NCUR or at national professional association conferences. Up to four awards are available for 2017-2018. How to apply: students must complete the application online which includes: 1) application including purpose/need statement and 2) project abstract.   The student’s faculty mentor must provide 3) scanned letter or email of acceptance for the student presentation; and 4) a letter of support to document project excellence and financial need.    

Inquiries and applications materials are to be sent via the online form by March 12, 2018 for applications.

Please visit the Arts and Humanities Division Blog: www.curartsandhumanities.org 


Arts and Humanities Undergraduate Research Projects

The following are examples of undergraduate research led by Arts and Humanities Councilors:


See more at www.curartsandhumanities.org


Funding News

The NEH Humanities Connections Grant  http://www.neh.gov/grants/education/humanities-connections specifically addresses undergraduate education and undergraduate research in the humanities!


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