The Psychology Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research requests nominations for a Mid-Career Mentoring Award. This award is for a CUR Psychology Division member who has influenced undergraduate research through their own research, through scholarly or creative projects with undergraduates, and/or through demonstrated leadership activities. The award consists of $500.00. In addition, the profile and accomplishments of the award winner will be featured on the Psychology Division’s website.

Awardees play a major role in advancing undergraduate research by promoting discipline-specific activities that may include the following:

  • demonstrating a strong track record of scholarly and/or creative projects involving undergraduates
  • providing mentorship to undergraduate researchers or scholars who have produced significant work in psychology
  • securing support for their work and for their students
  • spearheading efforts to institutionalize undergraduate research on their campuses and across the nation.

In sum, award winners are leaders and role models for a broad range of faculty and students.  
Recognizing that significant and meaningful scholarly/creative activities with undergraduate students can take many forms, the following criteria will be considered by the selection committee:      
  • sustained involvement with undergraduates in research activities
  • mentoring undergraduates whose work leads to conference presentations and/or peer-reviewed publications
  • publications and presentations about undergraduate research activities
  • innovative approaches to mentoring undergraduates
  • extramural support for research activities through grants, contracts, commissions, or fund-raising
  • admission of students to postgraduate and professional programs
  • postgraduate honors and recognition resulting from a student’s undergraduate research experience
  • engagement of varied student populations and backgrounds in undergraduate research activities
  • incorporation of research activities and experiences into courses, the overall curriculum, or the culture of undergraduate research on a campus
  • advocacy of undergraduate research on the home campus and beyond.

Any member of CUR may nominate any active CUR Psychology Division member for the award. Self-nominations are also accepted. Nomination materials should elaborate on the perspectives, innovation, and value-added to undergraduate research. 
The deadline for applications is October 15, 2021.
A complete application consists of the following:
  • Name and Email of Nominee
  • Name and Email of Nominator (if different from nominee)
  • A single PDF including the following:
    • A two-page nomination letter highlighting the nominee's contributions to all areas of undergraduate research. (This can be a self-nomination or a nomination by a colleague.) 
    • If the candidate is self-nominated, include one letter of support from a colleague.
    • Two one-page letters of support from students.
    • A full CV with undergraduate research student co-authors clearly marked.
Questions may be addressed to any member of the Mid-Career Mentoring Awards Committee: