CUR Membership is designed to guide and assist faculty, mentors, administrators, researchers, staff, and students in their efforts to develop, enhance, sustain, and support undergraduate research on their campuses and beyond. Community is vital to any success and with this diverse membership, you can work together to advance undergraduate research across the nation and around the world. There are multiple CUR memberships options to fit your individual, institutional, or organizational needs.
Institutional Membership
Individual Membership
Affiliate Organization Membership

Are you looking to create a culture of excellence in undergraduate research education and faculty and mentor development on your campus? There are tiers of institutional membership to meet the needs of your campus. Membership will increase visibility your institution as it serves as a public acknowledgement of your support of undergraduate research, while also providing resources to your faculty, administrators, staff, and students.

Whether you are a faculty, mentor, administrator or post-doctoral or graduate student, CUR has developed individual memberships to meet your unique needs while connecting you to the undergraduate community that can help support your journey along the way.

Are you a corporation, foundation, federal or state agency, nonprofit educational organization, or publisher looking to support CUR’s mission and expand your participation in the undergraduate research world? The Affiliate membership will connect your organization to higher education institutions, practitioners, and the overall undergraduate research community.


There are multiple ways and reasons to join CUR. Have questions about membership?
Reach out to our customer experience manager who can guide you in the right direction. Call (202) 783-4810 or email