Learning Through Research



In addition to the general programs and services that support the ability of CUR's members to achieve undergraduate research goals, there are direct membership benefits for each class of CUR member. 


CUR Institutional Membership for Colleges and Universities

Institutional membership is designed to assist colleges and universities with their continued development and support of undergraduate research.  CUR can be a catalyst for campus transformation, offering opportunities for faculty professional development in research and curriculum.  Institutional membership exemplifies administrative commitment to undergraduate research, a message that is much appreciated by the faculty and prospective students.  In addition, institutional members join with many other prestigious colleges and universities in support of undergraduate research as an important component of higher education.  Our national contact base allows us to be particularly effective in representing the interests of those concerned with undergraduate research in all disciplines.

Enhanced Institutional Membership:

This membership allows any faculty member, student or staff member from your institution to join the Council on Undergraduate Research at no additional cost to the individual.

All other membership benefits of the institutional membership also apply to the enhanced membership. Enhanced members also receive priority level access to CUR's services.

CUR Individual Membership

Any person interested in CUR's goals can join as an individual member, and can affiliate with one of the CUR disciplinary divisions or the at-large division, with full voting rights.  Individual members are eligible to be elected to serve as councilors of their division.  Even those who are not councilors may volunteer to work on CUR-wide or divisional committees.

CUR Affiliate Membership for Corporations, Foundations, and Agencies

The Council on Undergraduate Research offers Affiliate Memberships to organizations and institutions that are not colleges and universities, including corporations, foundations, and federal or state agencies, that share in the mission of CUR. CUR's Affiliate Membership provides a way for friends of CUR to give support to our mission and to be recognized by our community.