Silvia Ronco Innovative Mentor Award Nominations Process


The award will be granted to a tenure track faculty member within five to ten years of first faculty appointment at a college or university in the US who has demonstrated creativity and success in the Chemical Sciences and whose mentoring practices have supported undergraduates as they fulfill their STEM career goals. 

Application Requirements

  • Biosketch (up to 3 pages) highlighting accomplishments in research innovation, evidence of mentoring excellence, grants, publications, and presentations with undergraduate coauthors.
  • Essay (up to 3 pages) detailing the applicant’s innovative chemical research and mentoring approach to promote creativity and job readiness.  
  • Three letters of support highlighting the applicant’s unique contributions in Chemistry, beyond what is indicated in biosketch, including evidence of their research scope and impact on the field, activities in departmental/ institutional culture, and successful work with undergraduates. (A nomination letter from a tenured colleague in your institution, a second from a past student or alumni of your lab, and a third that provides a different external or internal perspective on your research and mentoring.)

Application Deadline is March 21, 2025.

Please note that all CUR Award recipients are responsible for any and all applicable tax obligations associated with receipt of the award.

For questions or additional information about the Silvia Ronco Award, please contact Lindsay Currie.