Arts and Humanities Faculty Mentor Award Nominations Process

The nominations process closed on January 15, 2024.


  • Current faculty members holding continuing appointments in arts and humanities disciplines who have ten or more years of full-time teaching and scholarly/research/creative inquiry (URSCI) experience or have reached associate professor in a tenure track role.
  •  A current CUR membership.

Applications Process

The application packet should include the following: 

  • A three-page curriculum vitae (CV) of the nominee tailored to showcase undergraduate mentoring activities, which should include any publications, presentations, exhibitions, and/or performances with undergraduate coauthors. 
  • A first-person written narrative of no more than 1500 words that speaks to the nominee’s professional and personal commitment to mentoring with specific illustrations. The statement may offer examples of student successes, innovative approaches to mentoring, curriculum development that enhances research, efforts to develop institutional UR within the arts and humanities or the broader campus, scholarly publications reporting on UR, mentorship of diverse populations, or instances of advocacy on behalf of UR with particular attention to arts and humanities 
  • Two letters of support (1) from appropriate administrators at the institution (president, provost, research officer, or dean) highlighting the nominee’s contributions to the mentoring of students in the humanities or arts and (2) from a undergraduate student, (current or former) mentored by the nominee, explaining (a) how their mentor contributed to their success, and (b) how their mentor was a role model or inspiration. (Two-page limit for each letter)
  • Up to 2 additional pages to share anything the applicant thinks would illustrate their mentorship (i.e. evidence of mentoring excellence, evaluations of mentorship, advocacy documents, publication excerpts, etc;)

​Review Process

  • A committee composed of three representatives from CUR governance, including councilors from arts and humanities disciplines, will review all applications.

Applications were due January 15, 2024. Please submit a single PDF file to

Awardees will be notified in May 2024.

Please note that all CUR Award recipients are responsible for any and all applicable tax obligations associated with receipt of the award.

For questions or additional information about the CUR Arts & Humanities Faculty Mentor awards, please contact Lindsay Currie.