Divisions – Geosciences Early Career Undergraduate Mentor Award

Call for Applications

The Geoscience Division of the Council of Undergraduate Research (GeoCUR) recognizes the critical work of developing best practices in undergraduate research. This award highlights individuals who place undergraduate research at the center of professional activities. GeoCUR annually recognizes individuals who are initiating creative, impactful, and/or innovative undergraduate research activities.


All Geoscientists involved in the mentoring of undergraduate research and/or who are developing new undergraduate research programs or opportunities. This award intends to recognize those in the earlier stages of integrating undergraduate students into the enterprise of open-ended inquiry and research. Generally, nominees for this award fit into one or more of these categories:

  • Mentoring undergraduates for 10 years or fewer
  • Recently transitioned to undergraduate research
  • Not more than 10 years since Masters or PhD




June 1, 2024

Expectations of Awardee

Short presentation when prize is awarded during the NAGT luncheon at the national GSA conference each fall.

An awardee is selected and notified during summer 2024 and the award will be presented at the Geological Society of America Fall Meeting at the GSA Education Division/NAGT/CUR joint luncheon.

Applications from a range of institutional settings are encouraged. GeoCUR recognizes that exemplar mentorship can take in settings ranging from community colleges, primarily undergraduate institutions, research universities, national laboratories, and industrial partnerships. The Geoscience Division of CUR represents a wide range of disciplines and this award follows the AGI definition of geoscience (geology, hydrology, planetary science, marine science/oceanography, atmospheric and space science, climate science, geochemistry, petrology, paleontology, environmental science and related fields).​

The application remains on file for three years. Questions and inquiries can be sent to the GeoSciences Division Chair Allison Schwartz.