The Psychology Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research requests nominations for a Mid-Career Mentoring Award.  The award is presented at the biennial Conference to a CUR Psychology Division member who has influenced undergraduate research through his/her own research, through scholarly or creative projects with undergraduates, and/or through demonstrated leadership activities.  The award consists of $500.00. 
Awardees play a major role in advancing undergraduate research by promoting discipline specific activities that may include the following:
  • demonstrating a strong track record of scholarly and/or creative projects involving undergraduates,  
  • providing mentorship to undergraduate researchers or scholars who have produced significant work in psychology,
  • securing support for their work and for their students,
  • spearheading efforts to institutionalize undergraduate research on their campuses and across the nation.
In sum, award winners are leaders and role models for a broad range of faculty and students.  
Recognizing that significant and meaningful scholarly/creative activities with undergraduate students can take many forms, the following criteria will be considered by the selection committee:      
  • sustained involvement with undergraduates in research activities;
  • mentoring undergraduates whose work leads to peer reviewed publications and/or  conference presentations recognition received by undergraduate mentees (e.g. awards);
  • publications and presentations about undergraduate research activities;
  • innovative approaches to mentoring undergraduates;
  • extramural support for research activities through grants, contracts, commissions, or fund-raising;
  • admission of students to postgraduate and professional programs;
  • postgraduate honors and recognition resulting from a student’s undergraduate research experience;
  • engagement of varied student populations and backgrounds in undergraduate research activities;
  • incorporation of research activities and experiences into courses, the overall curriculum, or the culture of undergraduate research on a campus;
  • advocacy of undergraduate research on the home campus and beyond.
Any member of CUR may nominate any active Psychology Division CUR member for the award. Self-nominations are also accepted. A nomination consists of a two-page letter highlighting the nominee's contributions to all areas of undergraduate research.  The letter must be submitted to the Chair of the Psychology Division, Justin Yates.
The deadline for nominations will open this winter.
A full nomination package will be requested subsequently by the Psychology Division Chair from the top nominees. A full nomination package consists of:
a. One letter of support, up to three pages, from a colleague (this can be a revised letter from the nominator or a joint letter).
b. Two one-page letters of support from former students.
c. A full C.V.
Nomination materials should elaborate on the perspectives, innovation, and value added to undergraduate research and support letters should complement the nominee’s summary.  Nominees should also clearly distinguish their research (and graduate student research) from their research performed with undergraduates, if necessary.
Questions may be addressed to the Psychology Division Chair, Justin Yates.