The Council on Undergraduate Research is a grassroots organization designed for active participation from its diverse and widespread member base. CUR is governed by a General Council, which consists of Councilors from the Divisions, Executive Board members, and Emeritus Presidents.  Any member may stand for election within their division to become a member of the General Council.
Each fall, the nominations committee solicits self nominations from the general CUR membership for positions as Divisional Councilors, and Executive Board members.  A Nominations Vetting Committee uses pre-established criteria to vet the candidates for the Executive Board positions. 
CUR members in each division elect Divisional Councilors in their respective division.  An individual may only vote in one division.  Divisional Councilors elect the Divisional Officers.  The General Council elects the Nominations Vetting Committee, and the Officers and Council Representatives of the Executive Board.  The Executive Board elects the General Representatives of the Executive Board.  All elections take place in the spring with the exception of Nominations Vetting Committee.