Nominations & Elections

CUR is governed by bylaws and a governance structure, led by volunteer leaders who work together to advance CUR’s strategic plan and mission. CUR volunteer leaders can be found at all levels of the organization.

CUR is looking for volunteers who are committed to advancing the strategic plan and goals set forth and representative of all institution types. CUR Members and non-members were encouraged to apply for open positions during the nomination period, October 2023-January 2024. Opening February 14, 2024, CUR will now be calling on all members to cast their votes for their division representatives and councilors.

If you have questions about the nominations and elections process, please reach out to

Position Purpose + Criteria

Election Packets + Voting

Below are links of election packets for each division. We encourage you to read through your division’s candidates for both Councilor and Division Representatives before casting your vote. Voting opens February 14 and closes March 15.

Arts + Humanities
Councilors | Division Reps
Councilors | Division Reps
Councilors | Division Reps
Councilors | Division Reps
Councilors | Division Reps
Councilors | Division Reps
Councilors | Division Reps
Health Sciences
Councilors | Division Reps
Mathematical, Computing,
+ Statistical Sciences

Councilors | Division Reps
Physics + Astronomy
Councilors | Division Reps (Write-Ins Only)
Councilors | Division Reps
Social Sciences
Councilors (Write-Ins Only) | Division Reps
Undergraduate Research

Councilors | Division Reps

Voting closes March 15, 2024.

Board of Directors

Below is the proposed slate of Board of Director Candidates composed and vetted by the National Nominations and Leadership Development Committee.

Should you wish to petition the addition of a name to the slate, you have the opportunity to submit a petition by March 15, 2024 to The petition will need to be signed by 3% of the CUR membership (425 individuals).

Nominations & Election Timeline

Nominations OpenOctober 16, 2023
Deadline to nominate a colleague for Board of Director CandidatesNovember 6, 2023
Nominations Close for Board of Director CandidatesDecember 1, 2023
Nominations Close for Councilor + DivisionsJanuary 3, 2024
Elections OpenFebruary 14, 2024
Elections CloseMarch 15, 2024
Public Announcements of Elected CandidatesMay 15, 2024
New Terms BeginJune 1, 2024