The Integrating Undergraduate Research into Teacher Education Programs and Related Fields Institute will assemble faculty, staff, and administrators from schools of education and education-related fields to work on the following:   

  • Address the issues and challenges that facilitate and/or inhibit the adoption of undergraduate research into the complex activities of teaching and learning within educational units and institutions;
  • Design high-impact learning experiences, including undergraduate research, and facilitate their inclusion into the curriculum through signature pedagogies that are unique to the learning sciences and educational institutions; and
  • Build networks/communities of educators to assist in the full adoption of undergraduate research in educational institutions.

Participation is encouraged of institutional teams of three to five participants, including department chairs/deans or their representatives, program coordinators, and faculty members.


Registration is currently closed. If you are interested in having your institution attend a program like this, please reach out to to talk about customizations. For additional questions and comments, please email  

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