Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research (SPUR)

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SPUR publishes scholarly work that examines effective practices and novel approaches, explores pedagogical models, and highlights the results of assessment of undergraduate research. As a peer-reviewed publication of the Council on Undergraduate Research, the journal provides useful and inspiring information that increases understanding of undergraduate student-faculty engagement in research, scholarship, and creative work in all disciplines and at all types of higher education institutions in the United States and abroad.

Issues in Volume 5

Fall21SPUR-cvr1Fall 2021 - Volume 5, Number 1
"Undergraduate Research and Climate Change"

Table of Contents (PDF)
Introduction (PDF, EPub) / Lisa Gates, issue editor
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A Model Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Engage and Mentor Underrepresented Minority Students in Lived Arctic and Climate Science Research Experiences (PDF, EPub) / Arnell Garrett, Frances D. Carter-Johnson, Susan M. Natali, John D. Schade, and Robert Max Holmes

Re-evaluating Passive Research Involvement in the Undergraduate Curriculum (PDF, EPub) / Nicholas Grindle, Stefanie Anyadi, Amanda Cain, Alastair McClelland, Paul Northrop, Rebecca Payne, and Sara Wingate Gray

Issues in Volume 4

Sum21SPURC1Summer 2021 - Volume 4, Number 4
Table of Contents (PDF)
Introduction (PDF version, EPub version) / Rebecca M. Jones, issue editor
Full issue (PDF version, EPub version, members only)

An Online Training Program to Enhance Novice Researchers’ Knowledge and Skills
(PDF version, EPub version) / Lynn Gilbertson, Jeannine Rowe, Yeongmin Kim,
Catherine W. M. Chan, Naomi Schemm, and Michael Unhoch

Academic and Professional Preparedness: Outcomes of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (PDF version, EPub version) / Kelly Kistner, Erin M. Sparck, Amy Liu, Hannah Whang Sayson, Marc Levis-Fitzgerald, and Whitney Arnold

The Problems and Possibilities of Creating and Sustaining a Multidisciplinary, Undergraduate, Digital Journal
(PDF version, EPub version) / Kerrie R. H. Farkas and Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol

Spr21SPUR-C1Spring 2021 - Volume 4, Number 3
"Undergraduate Research at Community Colleges"
Table of Contents (PDF)
Introduction (PDF version, EPub version) / James Hewlett, guest editor
Full issue (PDF version, EPub version)

The Kungullanji Program: Creating an Undergraduate Research Experience to Raise Aspirations of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students in the Sciences (PDF version, EPub version) / Jennifer Leigh Campbell and Shushila Chang

BONUS WEBSITE FEATURE: Editor-in-chief Matthew Schuster (Anoka-Ramsey Community College) on the STAR Journal, one of the few undergraduate research journals produced at a community college.

Win20SPUR-C1Winter 2020 - Volume 4, Number 2
ntraditional Approaches to Undergraduate Research"
Table of Contents (PDF)

Introduction / Patricia Ann Mabrouk, guest editor of the "Undergraduate Research during Times of Disruption" theme (download PDF or EPub)

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Teaching Research Skills to Vocational Learners: Teaching Chefs to Research  / Willa Zhen (download PDF or EPub)

Creative, Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research: An Educational Cell Biology Video Game Designed by Students for Students / Isabelle Sperano, Ross Shaw, Robert Andruchow, Dana Cobzas, Cory Efird, Brian Brookwell, and William Deng (download PDF or EPub)

Piloting an Oral History-Based CURE in a General Education Writing Course for First-Year Students / Joshua R. McConnell Parsons, Jannell C. McConnell Parsons, Kathryn Kohls, and Jim Ridolfo (download PDF or EPub)

Fall20SPUR-C1Fall 2020 - Volume 4, Number 1
(includes vignettes on "Undergraduate Research during Times of Disruption")
Table of Contents (PDF)
Introduction (PDF) / Lisa Gates, issue editor

Full issue (PDF; members only)

Teaching Computational Social Science Skills to Psychology Students: An Undergraduate Research Lab Case Study (PDF) / Brian A. Eiler, Patrick C. Doyle, Rosemary L. Al-Kire, and Heidi A. Wayment

Contributions Made by Undergraduates to Research Projects: Using the CREDIT Taxonomy to Assess Undergraduate Research Experiences (PDF) / Matt Honoré, Thomas E. Keller, Jen Lindwall, Rachel Crist, Leslie Bienen, and Adrienne Zell

Issues in Volume 3

Sum2020SPUR-C1Summer 2020 - Volume 3, Number 4
Table of Contents (PDF)
Introduction (PDF) / Rebecca M. Jones, issue editor (download EPub version)
Full issue (PDF, members only) / Full issue (EPub, members only)

What We Know and What We Need to Know about Undergraduate Research (PDF) / Heather Haeger, John E. Banks, Camille Smith, and Monique Armstrong-Land (download EPub version)
Assessment of Undergraduate Research Learning Outcomes: Poster Presentations as Artifacts (PDF) / Rachel Hayes-Harb, Mark St. Andre, and Megan Shannahan (download EPub version)

Spr20SPURC1Spring 2020 - Volume 3, Number 3
"Undergraduate Research in the Twenty-First Century"
Introduction (PDF) / Lisa Gates, issue editor (download EPub version)

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Supporting Twenty-First-Century Students with an Across-the-Curriculum Approach to Undergraduate Research (PDF) / Patrick Corbett and Jody R. Rosen (download EPub version)
Beyond Learning: Leveraging Undergraduate Research into Marketable Workforce Skills (PDF) / Kimberly J. McClure-Brenchley, Kristin Picardo, and Julia Overton-Healy (download EPub version)
Course-Based Research: A Vehicle for Broadening Access to Undergraduate Research in the Twenty-First Century (PDF) / Prajukti Bhattacharyya, Catherine W. M. Chan, Rocio R. Duchesne, Aditi Ghosh, Steven N. Girard, and Jonah J. Ralston (download EPub version)

Win19SPUR-cvr1Winter 2019 - Volume 3, Number 2
"A Retrospective on Undergraduate Research"
Introduction (PDF) / Rebecca M. Jones, issue editor (download EPub version)
Fall19-C1Fall 2019 - Volume 3, Number 1
Table of Contents

Introduction  (PDF) / James T. LaPlant, editor-in-chief (download EPub version)

Full issue (PDF; members only) / Full issue (EPub; members only)
Teaching and Evaluating Skills for Undergraduate Research in the Teacher Education Program (PDF) / Tunde Szecsi, Charles Gunnels, Jackie Greene, Vickie Johnston, and Elia Vazquez-Montilla (download EPub version)
A 10-Year Study on the Efficacy of Biomedical Research Support Programs at a Public University (PDF) / Jonathan C. Whittinghill, Simeon P. Slovacek, Laura P. Flenbury, and Vivian Miu (download EPub version)
In Memoriam: Susan Berry Brill de Ramirez (1955-2018) / James T. LaPlant, editor-in-chief

Issues in Volume 2

sum19SPUR-C1Summer 2019 - Volume 2, Number 4
"Big Data and Undergraduate Research"

Table of Contents PDF

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Introduction (PDF) / Rebecca M. Jones, issue editor (download EPub version for e-readers)

Leveraging a Large Database to Increase Access to Undergraduate Research Experiences / (PDF)
Laura A. Lukes, Katherine Ryker, Camerian Millsaps, Rowan Lockwood, Mark D. Uhen,
Christian George, Callan Bentley, and Peter Berquist (download EPub version for e-readers)

A Student Research Course on Data Analytics Problems from Industry: PIC Math / (PDF)
Michael Dorff and Suzanne Weekes (download EPub version for e-readers)

Undergraduate Research Highlights (PDF) / Download EPub version for e-readers


spr19SPUR-C1Spring 2019 - Volume 2, Number 3
Table of Contents

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Introduction / Laurie Gould, issue editor

A Peer Research Consultant Program: Feasibility and Outcomes / Francisca Beer, Christine M. Hassija, Arturo Covarrubias-Paniagua, and Jeffrey M. Thompson

Learning "Scholarship as Conversation" by Writing Book Reviews / Nicholas Rowland, Jeffrey A. Knapp, and Hailley Fargo

Establishing a Statewide Celebration of Undergraduate Research: History and Lessons Learned /
Eric C. Freundt and Kimberly R. Schneider

Undergraduate Research Highlights


Fall 2018 - Volume 2, Number 1:Fall18SPUR_cover
"Models of Undergraduate Research Mentoring"
Full SPUR download (members only)

Laurie Gould, issue editor

Developing Undergraduate Scientists by Scaffolding the Entry into Mentored Research
Farron McIntee, Kendra R. Evans, Jeanne M. Andreoli, Abigail J. Fusaro, Melanie Hwalek, Ambika Mathur, and Andrew L. Feig
Faculty Change from Within: The Creation of the WMSURE Program
Cheryl L. Dickter, Anne H. Charity Hudley, Hannah A. Franz, and Ebony A. Lambert

Surveying Faculty Perspectives on Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity: A Three-Institution Study
Janet A. Morrison, Nancy J. Berner, Jill M. Manske, Rebecca M. Jones, Shannon N. Davis, and Pamela W. Garner

Undergraduate Research Highlights

Issues in Volume 1

Sum18SPURcvr1Summer 2018 - Volume 1, Number 4:
"Leveraging Undergraduate Research to Foster Diversity and Achieve Equity"
Full SPUR download (members only)
Janice DeCosmo, issue editor

Spring 2018 - Volume 1, Number 3:
"Undergraduate Research and Student Success Outcomes"
Full SPUR download (members only)
James LaPlant, editor-in-chief

win17SPUR-coverWinter 2017 - Volume 1, Number 2:
"Innovative Learning Spaces That Promote Undergraduate Research"
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Creating a Biology "Studio" to Promote Undergraduate Research
Mary Beth Hawkins, Miriam Ferzli, and Lisa Paciulli
Transforming Learning Spaces through Iterative Design to Support Inquiry-Driven Learning
Kimberly K. Eby and Laura A. Lukes

The Structure of Mentoring in Undergraduate Research:
Multi-Mentor Models

Evan D. Bradley, Michelle Bata, Heather M. Fitz Gibbon, Caroline J. Ketcham, Brittany A. Nicholson, and Meagen Pollock

Undergraduate Research Highlights

Fall 2017 - Volume 1, Number 1

Table of Contents

Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of SPUR
James LaPlant, SPUR editor-in-chief
Christopher S. Kim, Anna Leahy, and Lisa Kendrick