CUR publishes a biweekly newsletter, CUR E-News, which shares updates, highlights, and resources pertaining to undergraduate research and features dates and deadlines for CUR events and activities.
Most CUR Divisions also issue newsletters that provide information on initiatives of each division and discipline-specific resources.
CUR White Papers address important topics in the undergraduate research community, recommending best practices and policies. The following white papers are available free of charge:

——CCURWhitePaper1-cvrUR White Paper No. 1 (2019). Undergraduate Research: A Road Map for Meeting Future National Needs and Competing in a World of Change by Joanne D. Altman, Tsu-Ming Chiang, Christian S. Hamann, Huda Makhluf, Virginia Peterson, and Sara E. Orel. The authors present evidence for the role of undergraduate research in college completion and preparation of a highly skilled workforce, particularly in STEM fields.

CUR White Paper No. 2 (2019). Recognizing and Valuing the Mentoring of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity by Faculty Members: Workload, Tenure, Promotion, and Award Systems by Janet A. Morrison, John F. Barthell, Anne Boettcher, David Bowne, Cheryl Nixon, WhitePaper2-C1Karen K. Resendes, and Juliane Strauss-Soukup. The authors present the need for recognition of faculty mentorship of undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity; recommend best practices for institutions to adopt (such as adding valuation of undergraduate researcher mentoring to strategic plans); offer a selection of case studies that features some of these practices; and summarize upcoming challenges.