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    Introduction – Spring 2023

    ‐ Jennifer Coleman and Shauna Reilly, SPUR Issue Editors
    SPUR (2023) 6 (3):

    Welcome to the Spring 2023 issue of Scholarship & Practice of Undergraduate Research (SPUR). In this issue, we consider the impressive reach of undergraduate research to varied student groups, different types of institutions, and across international and physical distances.

  • Open-to-Read

    The Genomics Education Partnership: First Findings on Genomics Research in Community Colleges

    ‐ Paula Paula Croonquist, Virginia Falkenberg, Natalie Minkovsky, Alexa Sawa, Matthew Skerritt, Maire Sustacek , Raffaella Diotti, Anthony Aragon, Tamara Mans, Goldie Sherr, Catherine Ward, Monica Hall-Woods, Anya Goodman, Laura Reed, David Lopatto
    SPUR (2023) 6 (3):

    The Genomics Education Partnership (GEP), a consortium of diverse colleges and universities, provides support for integrating genomics research into undergraduate curricula. To increase research opportunities for underrepresented students, GEP is expanding to more community colleges (CC). Genomics research, requiring only a computer with Internet access, may be particularly accessible for two-year institutions with limited research capacity and significant budget constraints. To understand how GEP supports student research at CCs, the authors analyzed student knowledge and self-reported outcomes. It was found that CC student gains were comparable to non-CC student gains, with improvements in attitudes toward science and thriving in science. The early findings suggest that the GEP model of centralized support with flexible implementation of a course-related undergraduate research experience benefits CC students and
    may help mitigate barriers to implementing research at CCs.

With distance learning becoming a hot topic in the past years, innovations in technology and collaboration have expanded learning through inquiry to all learners everywhere and anywhere. This issue inspires expansive and far reaching efforts and serves as a call for continued innovation in undergraduate research. Let us challenge ourselves to see undergraduate research in communities, in classes, where people are together or when they are apart.


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