Each spring, the Council on Undergraduate Research hosts an annual undergraduate poster session on Capitol Hill. At this event and its related activities, members of Congress and their staff members learn about the importance of undergraduate research through talking directly with the student researchers involved in these programs.

Next Offering: This event will take place in Spring 2020.

Posters on the Hill 2019 concluded on April 30. Please read on for more information on the 2019 event and participants:

Media Mentions:
NSF Director and Honorary CUR Fellow Awardee France A. Córdova provides a greeting to participants.

  • WCAX (Channel 3, Burlington, VT) interviewed Norwich University student Dillon Zites about his cancer research involving Vitamin B12 in chemotherapy (see also the article in the Barre Montpelier Times Argus and the article by Norwich University on Zites and his poster "Use of Light-Activated Vitamin B12 Derivatives for Improved Treatment of Cancer")
  • Bridgewater State University on student Vanessa Sherman and her research on the Mayflower Compact and Plymouth Colony’s three groundbreaking law codes
  • Colorado School of Mines on student Kristen Hietala and her research on a green chemistry technique applied to the next generation of batteries
  • Dakota State University on student Hope Juntunen and her method for looking at life on other planets
  • Denison University on student Hoke Wallace and his research on an optical property applied to data storage and encryption
  • Iowa State University on student Brandon Vance and his research on a fuel that could power a spacecraft returning from Mars
  • Kean University on Posters on the Hill participant Isabel Morais, selected as the university's undergraduate researcher of the year
  • Kennesaw State University on student Jessica Reyes and her research on ways to support first-generation college students in STEM
  • Roanoke College on Posters on the Hill participant Anna Ford and her research on how South Koreans view North Koreans living in South Korea through portrayals in film
  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham on Posters on the Hill participant Kendall Curtis and her research on why some with Alzheimer's disease did not develop dementia in their lifetime
  • The University of Detroit Mercy on student Relicious Eboh and her poster “Relationship with the Father of the Baby and the Perceived Stress among Black Women”
  • The University of New England on student Ellie Leighton and her poster "“Reading for Leisure v. Reading to Learn: E-readers and the Influence of Text Type on Reading Speed and Recall Ability”
  • The University of New Mexico on student Bibiana Elisabeth Seng and her poster "Comparing Extreme Wave Height Estimation Techniques for Classifying Energy Resources and Conditions"
  • The University of Tennessee-Knoxville on student Alexander Tripp and his poster “Modern Chinese Development of Latin America”
  • The University of Wyoming on student Rachel Tenney and her poster “New Approaches to Hydrocarbon Feedstock Conversion: Bifunctional Pd Complexed for Tunable Heterolytic C-H Activation”
  • West Virginia University on students Caroline Leadmon and Jessi Tyo and their research on ergot alkaloids

Last Offering:

Posters on the Hill 2019 took place on April 29-30 in Washington, DC.


For questions or additional information about Posters on the Hill, please contact Student Programs. Visit CUR’s Upcoming Events page to see a list of all scheduled events.