Welcome to CUR

With CUR, your membership matters. You’ve joined a community of faculty, students, mentors, administrators, and staff that support undergraduate research. 

Each member of our community counts. To make sure you take full advantage of your member benefits and connect with others,
let’s start with four quick things you can do:

1. Update your member profile:

  • To get started, use the “My Account” at the top of your screen or sign in via this link: https://myaccount.cur.org/my-profile. You’ll need to use the email you signed up with when you joined, or use the “forgot your password” link to reset your login.  This is the same login that you’ll use to access the CUR Community, register for events or make other purchases, or to access member resources.
  • On your profile, first, upload your photo on the overview page, then visit the “My Account Details” tab to ensure that we have all your current information including your profile info and primary division. Make sure your contact info is correct as well. You can also review organizations that you are currently affiliated with, and see your recent purchases.

2. Get started in the CUR Community:

3. Join a Division. 

  • CUR has 13 divisions that our larger community makes up. These divisions act as another network to help specifically in the discipline of your choosing. These divisions include At-Large, Arts and Humanities, Biology, Chemistry, Education, Engineering, Geosciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology, Social Sciences Division, and Undergraduate Research Programs. On your account profile, we encourage you to select your primary division. 
  • You can also learn more about all of our divisions and elect to get their bi-yearly newsletters on the division pages

4. Explore members-only articles and resources:

These are just a few things that you can do to get started in our community. 
If you have any questions about your CUR member benefits, please contact us at cur@cur.org.