UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal

CLUJ provides undergraduate students around the world the opportunity to publish and share their research with an international audience. The Journal was founded by a comparative literature undergraduate student in 2011 and has since been recognized as a premier undergraduate journal featuring top peer-reviewed, undergraduate research in comparative literature. We invite abstracts from those working in, around, or critically engaging with topics in literature from a comparative nature, broadly construed. Possible topics include interdisciplinary research across disciplines within the arts and sciences (e.g., literature and philosophy, literature and history, literature and science, and literature and new media); research engaging with literary theory and ‘schools of criticism’ (e.g., gender studies and queer theory, postmodernism, cultural studies, Frankfurt School and critical theory, structuralism and semiotics, psychoanalysis, animal studies, and posthumanism); and articles comparing at least two authors or texts, print, and/or media.