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Jeffrey Aceves is an excellent student. Always has been. He graduated high school with a 4.3 GPA and an Eagle Scout ranking. He graduated from UC Merced in 3 ½ years, having come to the campus with 20 college credits already completed.
Emily Allison, at Albion College, researched early London’s brothels. During the course of a summer project she wrote and encoded the entry for the Cardinal’s Hat in Southwark. Her faculty mentor was Dr. Ian F. MacInnes.
Kim Mulligan’s close friend and roommate at Stanford University was brilliant and talented, beautiful and fun. Mental illness upended her life, ultimately driving her to suicide.
For a team of St. Olaf College researchers, snow is more than a picturesque feature of their Minnesota campus — it’s a key to better understanding and predicting climate change.
Engaging in research as an undergraduate can be daunting. Ronghua Bei, who goes by Andy, took daunting to a whole new level as his research took a new direction into the interdisciplinary this past spring. ​
It’s no secret that students in the humanities often don’t have access to the kind of financial support that advances their research and scholarly activity. Realizing this, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Utah State University created a summer grant program that funds students and faculty on research projects. The grant is sufficiently flexible to focus on research by the professor or the student.
Andrew Cotter's day does not begin until he's had his "cup of Joe," a ritual he takes seriously as one of a growing group of coffee consumers who grind and brew specialty coffee beans at home for a more flavorful and fragrant experience.
Sometimes a single item in the archives can be the basis for an extended student project. This is how Kathleen Dusseault at Truman State University found herself creating a web version of a medieval book of hours in the library’s special collections. Dusseault worked with mentors Dr. Jon Beck (computer science) and Amanda Langendoerfer (library). Drawing on translations created by a former Truman student, Lauren Milburn, Dusseault designed and created a permanent addition to the library’s websit​
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) Senior Jasmine Strong is an Individualized Study major, focusing on Visual Art and Multicultural Therapy, with a Print Media Minor.
Chemistry graduate student achieves a global education and excels in research. “I don’t know if I would be anywhere close to where I am now if it were not for FSU. I am very grateful for this school.”​
Results: 26 Article(s) Found.
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