Undergraduate Research Stories

MU’s ASH Scholar Program Finds Success with Multi-Year, Team-Oriented Research Opportunties

University of Missouri's Scholars Program Promotes Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities

CNU’s Summer Scholar Program Provides Pathway for Research into Race, Civil Rights, and Public Opinion

Dayman Parrish of Christopher Newport University spends the summer researching public opinion about Civil War monuments.

UF’s Center for Undergraduate Research Shares Keys to Success

University of Florida's Center for Undergraduate Research succeeds by providing positive outcomes for students in terms of both graduate school placement and employment.

Summer Scholar Research Program Creates Resouce for Dancers

The Summer Scholars program is an eight-week, in-residence program that brings students and faculty together to work collaboratively to answer a research question.

How a 10-Week Research Program Led to a Job

Danielle Hoelle, is living with rare disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and an autoimmune-neuromuscular disability, but she wanted hands-on experience in a research laboratory.

Supporting First Gen Students Through Research

Christopher Newport University's Abi Sloniker lived the first-generation experience, but she began to realize she was not alone when she was offered a chance to do research on the topic as a Summer Scholar.

Undergraduate Research Among the Stars

Three Cameron University students have also ventured into the realm of outer space by conducting undergraduate research projects that have them casting their critical thinking and analytical skills beyond the classroom.

Week-Long Workshop Prepares Undergraduate Students for Graduate-Level Research

The Cross-Institutional Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Workshop at Illinois State University, is a summer research program designed to prepare undergraduate students for graduate-level research while advancing professional academic development for their futures.

Undergraduate Researcher Dreams of Medical Breakthroughs with Engineering Technology

Biological and Agricultural Engineering senior Atharv Dixit interests range from engineering to psychology, and he aims to find solutions to developing global challenges. 

Future Doctor Finds Passion for Research

Binghampton University undergraduate Eliza Klos has already crafted a sturdy foundation to flourish as a physician, including getting involved in research early — even before getting into college.