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The National Science Foundation has a search page that includes the contact information for Research Experiences for Undergraduates summer research programs.  You will need to contact the specific program for application information.  Additionally, programs may submit their specific application information for publishing in the list below.
The below list of opportunities are opportunities that programs have submitted to CUR for publishing.  Each listing will appear for sixty days.

  • Fred Hutch - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

    The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is an intensive, nine-week internship designed to provide research experience and mentorship for undergraduate students who are interested in biomedical research. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, interns will complete an independent research project and present their findings at a competitive poster session.

  • Mechanisms of Evolution - University of Nevada Las Vegas

    The UNLV REU Site: Mechanisms of Evolution is accepting applications for summer 2016. Undergraduate projects funded by the REU Site: Mechanisms of Evolution focus on biological processes, such as mutation, genetic drift, migration, non-random mating and natural selection that drive heritable change. The inspiration for this proposal is the celebrated essay, Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution by Theodosius Dobzansky. Research projects are available in the following disciplines: bioinformatics, field ecology, systematics, molecular biology and physiology Stipend: $5,250 Travel award and double occupancy housing is provided Application deadline: Friday March 4, 2016 Students from underrepresented groups and from academic institutions with limited research opportunities, including two-year colleges are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • MGGEN Undergraduate Research Assistants - The Center for Microbial Genetics and Genomics at Northern Arizona University

    The Center for Microbial Genetics and Genomics (MGGEN) is currently seeking Undergraduate Researchers for paid positions! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but numerous positions are available for January 2016 thru September 2016. MGGEN is accepting applications from diverse academic majors (biology, engineering, computer science, chemistry, education, health sciences, business, etc…) . Please see the following link for student applications: http://www.mggen.nau.edu/WebDocs/MGGen_Undergraduate_Application_Packet_v20150908_EndUser.pdf. Contact Dawn.Birdsell@nau.edu with any questions.

  • Nuclear Engineering Science Laboratory Synthesis Programs - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Apply NOW to the Nuclear Engineering Science Laboratory Synthesis Programs (NESLS) Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) – Summer 2016 Must apply at https://www.zintellect.com/Posting/Details/1464 for Summer term - CLOSES FEBRUARY 28, 2016! • Current AAS, BS, MS, and PhD students – Majors related to Engineering, Earth and Geosciences, Environmental and Marine Sciences, Life Health and Medical Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, International Relations, Political Science, Government, Policy, Risk Analysis, Science Writing, Public Affairs, and Computer Sciences • Stipend based on academic status – range from $529/week to $935/week for full-time; pro-rated for part-time • Travel/Housing assistance (if eligible) • Professional development activities • Minimum GPA - 3.0/4.0 • Open to U.S. and Eligible International Citizenship Visit http://www.orau.org/ornl or contact ORNL Education Programs at ornledu@orau.org for more information!

  • ORNL Challenge Program for Undergraduates - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the first cohort of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Challenge participants in summer 2016! The ORNL Challenge is an innovative new internship program which invites undergraduate juniors and seniors to develop their own unique method for solving a complex and challenging scientific research problem. The program is geared towards students who think outside of the box and are ready to put their problem solving skills to the test. ORNL’s two grand research Challenges for 2016 focus on “Simulation and Design of Artificial Model Magnets” and “Distributed Energy Research – Powering Microgrids.” To apply for the ORNL Challenge Program, applicants must write a proposal that identifies possible solutions to one of these two research Challenges. If the student’s proposal is chosen as one of the top choices, the applicant will be offered a 10-week summer 2016 internship at ORNL, to implement their research solution. A competitive stipend ($650/week), furnished housing and utilities, travel assistance, and professional development activities, will be included as part of the internship. Applicants must be junior or senior undergraduate students currently enrolled at an accredited U.S. college or university. There are no citizenship requirements or GPA requirements to apply. Find the full Challenge descriptions, the proposal template and the application link on our website: www.orau.org/ornlchallenge. For questions about the program, email Nicie Murphy, nicie.murphy@orau.org or ORNLedu@orau.org. Take advantage of the additional time, and submit your application! Deadline for applications: February 19th, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest science and energy research laboratory, and is located in historic Oak Ridge, TN, the original site of the Manhattan Project. ORNL’s research focuses include advanced materials, clean energy, national security, neutron sciences, nuclear sciences, supercomputing and computation. You can read more about ORNL here: www.ornl.gov.

  • Program information and application - Northeastern University, Boston, MA

    The REU site program in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Northeastern University offers interdisciplinary research opportunities in Biochemistry, Organic, Physical, and Analytical Chemistry laboratories with an overarching focus on the theme of Catalysis. Students will do research in a vibrant academic setting with extensive connections to companies in the Boston area. 10-Week Paid Summer Research Program $5000 stipend + free housing Program Dates: June 6–August 12 Application Due Date: Monday, March 15, 2016

  • REU in Nanotechnology for Biology and Bioengineering - Johns Hopkins University- Institute for Nanobiotechnology

    The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program provides students with the opportunity to work closely on a research project with a faculty member and a research team. During the program, REU students collaborate and work with researchers in several academic disciplines. Upon the completion of the program, REU students have a greater understanding of the development and applications of nanobiotechnology for biology and bioengineering, understanding of research methodologies in these areas, and a more profound appreciation for the role that developed technology can make in our lives.

  • Rosetta Commons REU - Johns Hopkins University

    The Rosetta software suite includes algorithms for computational modeling and analysis of protein structures. It has enabled notable scientific advances in computational biology, including de novo protein design, enzyme design, ligand docking, and structure prediction of biological macromolecules and macromolecular complexes. Students majoring in the STEM fields learn the inner details of the Rosetta C++ code and community coding environment. Students spend 8-10 weeks of hands-on research in a molecular modeling and design laboratory, developing new algorithms and discovering new science.

  • Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships - DOE

  • Summer 2016 REU in Climate Change Impacts in Semi-Arid Regions - The University of Texas at Austin

    Announcing a summer 2016 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program in Climate Change Impacts in Semi-Arid Regions at The University of Texas at Austin Environmental Science Institute. Program information may be found at: http://www.esi.utexas.edu/education/research-experience-for-undergraduates/. Student applications are due February 17, 2016.

  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Research Foundation - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

    The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center offers undergraduates the chance to explore clinical and basic science research in laboratories in the Department of Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. The primary goal is to provide students with a foundation for making career choices in the biomedical sciences. Students have the opportunity to work with one of more than 500 faculty members at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, many of whom have active research programs that cover all areas of pediatric medicine, including the study of developmental biology, congenital disorders, genetic diseases, cancer, cardiology, neurology and immunology. The program is 10 weeks long, and students are paid a stipend of approximately $3,200. In addition to hands-on laboratory experience, students participate in various academic and social activities with students from other summer programs at the University of Cincinnati. The SURF Program includes two scientific writing classes, an ethics in research seminar, an introduction to bioinformatics and a career day. At the end of the summer, students present their research in a poster session, and a lecture is presented by a distinguished keynote speaker.

  • The Interdisciplinary Consortium for Innovation in Manufacturing and Materials (CIMM) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program - Louisiana State University

    The CIMM Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) project is a nine or ten-week summer program where students work collaboratively on topics related to advanced manufacturing and materials research. CIMM research addresses the scientific and technological barriers relevant to two broad classes of manufacturing methods: (1) Multi-scale forming and replication for high-throughput manufacturing and (2) 3-D Laser-based Printing for adaptive manufacturing. Students will be integrated into ongoing research projects in state of the art facilities in an environment of peer and interinstitutional mentoring and collaboration. Each student will receive a $500/week stipend, a free housing in university dormitories (if needed), and up to $400 travel expense reimbursement. The students will be selected to join research groups at one of the three Universities: Louisiana State University, Louisiana Tech University, and Southern University at Baton Rouge. Important Dates: Application Deadline: March 1, 2016 Rolling Offers: February 1, 2016 Notification of Decision: April 1, 2016 Program Dates: May 23 – July 29, 2016 (LSU; SUBR) May 30 – July 29, 2016 (La Tech)

If you know of an additional listing and would like to post it above, please visit the submission page to post it above.  Please note that the listing will appear for sixty days.  If your program is an ongoing program with consistent links, you may contact the webmaster at webmaster@cur.org for permanent listing.