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The National Science Foundation has a search page that includes the contact information for Research Experiences for Undergraduates summer research programs.  You will need to contact the specific program for application information.  Additionally, programs may submit their specific application information for publishing in the list below.
The below list of opportunities are opportunities that programs have submitted to CUR for publishing.  Each listing will appear for sixty days.

  • ScholarlyCommons Repository - University of Pennsylvania

    ScholarlyCommons is a repository for the scholarly output of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. It promotes dissemination of their work and preserves it in a freely-accessible, long-term archive.

  • Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships - DOE

  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Research Foundation - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

    The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center offers undergraduates the chance to explore clinical and basic science research in laboratories in the Department of Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. The primary goal is to provide students with a foundation for making career choices in the biomedical sciences. Students have the opportunity to work with one of more than 500 faculty members at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, many of whom have active research programs that cover all areas of pediatric medicine, including the study of developmental biology, congenital disorders, genetic diseases, cancer, cardiology, neurology and immunology. The program is 10 weeks long, and students are paid a stipend of approximately $3,200. In addition to hands-on laboratory experience, students participate in various academic and social activities with students from other summer programs at the University of Cincinnati. The SURF Program includes two scientific writing classes, an ethics in research seminar, an introduction to bioinformatics and a career day. At the end of the summer, students present their research in a poster session, and a lecture is presented by a distinguished keynote speaker.

  • Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program - Department of Energy

    Science and Technology Policy Fellowship - Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program U.S. Department of Energy EERE-ORISE/STP WIP 2014-01 Project Description: The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Science and Technology Policy (STP) Fellowships serve as a next step in the educational and professional development of scientists and engineers interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy policy. The EERE STP Fellowships provide an opportunity for highly talented scientists and engineers to participate in policy-related projects at DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Washington, D.C. EERE STP Fellows apply the expertise gained from their education and history of conducting research to new and ongoing EERE initiatives. As a result of their participation on this program, Fellows are expected to: • Gain deep insight into the federal government's role in the creation and implementation of policies that affect energy technology development. • Contribute to the implementation of energy policies by applying their scientific and technical expertise to the development of solutions for problems in areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. • Continue their education and involvement in areas that support the EERE mission either in a technical or policy-related role. • Introduce policy-related knowledge and interest into research facilities supporting the EERE mission. Weatherization Project Assistant Fellows: Fellows will be assigned to technology and/or policy-related projects and will be mentored by senior EERE staff. Applicant selected as WIP fellows will assist WIP with the following: Project Assistant tasks: • Identify and assist in resolving eligibility issues in grant closeout; • Identify and assist in resolving accounting errors in grantee financial and performance reports; • Review closeout reports, identify and assist in resolving errors; • Assist grantees in using PAGE to complete financial reports, quarterly performance reports and final reports; • Reach out to grantees to ensure submission of accurate project data reporting; • Conduct analysis, as requested, to determine whether grants are meeting program goals; • Perform outreach to grantees on grant monitoring activities not deemed to be federal in nature; • Perform report monitoring and resolve errors in performance metrics, outlays, expenditures, cash receipts, etc.; • Process no cost time extension (NCTE) requests and provide input into approval process (e.g., load pertinent information into PoP Mods SharePoint for PO review); • Assist Contract/Grant Specialists with reports or questions with grantees; • Prepare PAGE Quarterly Desktop Monitoring checklists for PO review and approval; • Update and maintain grant tracking documents on shared drives and SharePoint; • Create contact spreadsheets to assist POs with tracking grantee information; and • Perform document editing and formatting, document and presentation preparation, database administration, and other administrative duties, as required. Position requirements: • Fellows must hold an advanced degree (Ph.D. or M.S.). Fellowships will be awarded to applicants based on academic level and experience. Technical Questions: Questions about these Fellowships can be addressed to: STPfellowships@orise.orau.gov Additional Information: Number of Positions available: (2) The STP Fellowships are for two years. The initial appointment period is one year. The extension of the appointment will be subject to satisfactory progress toward completion of project assignments, and availability of funds. Final decisions regarding the extension of the Fellowship for a second year will be made by the EERE mentor and the EERE Program Manager. For more information, see: http://energy.gov/eere/education/energy-efficiency-and-renewable-energy-science-and-technology-policy-fellowships WIP fellowships are administered by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) in collaboration with the EERE. How to Apply: Application form is available at http://energy.gov/eere/education/energy-efficiency-and-renewable-energy-science-and-technology-policy-fellowships

If you know of an additional listing and would like to post it above, please visit the submission page to post it above.  Please note that the listing will appear for sixty days.  If your program is an ongoing program with consistent links, you may contact the webmaster at webmaster@cur.org for permanent listing.