In addition to the Executive Board, CUR has a larger General Council that serves as the governing body for our organization. Members of the CUR General Council are highly engaged volunteers who have a passion for undergraduate research and want to help further the mission and work of CUR. General Council members include CUR Executive Board members, Division Councilors, and Emeritus Presidents.
  • Councilors: Members from each division may elect up to 24 Councilors to represent their respective divisions in the General Council.
  • Executive Board: Representatives are elected to set and implement CUR’s strategic directions so as to advance the organization.
  • Emeritus Presidents: CUR Past Presidents who are members in good standing are granted status as a special class of non-elected voting members of the Council called "Emeritus Presidents."
Check out our division webpages which include links to current programs, recent news, and divisional councilor listings.


Governance Meetings

Governance Materials

Please note: access to these materials is restricted to current members of the General Council.

General Council Community