We need your voice. Serving as a division councilor gives you an opportunity to be directly involved in shaping the future of undergraduate research within your division. Share your voice for driving forward CUR's mission and vision statements while becoming connected to fellow colleagues in the same division. Becoming a division councilor allows you to advocate for issues involving undergraduate research at a different level. You will also be able to use your knowledge and experience to help advance undergraduate research in ways that improve students' lives and makes a difference in the community as a whole. 

The Open Call for Division Councilors
CUR seeks motivated and energetic members to serve as Councilors. Councilors are a crucial link between the organization and its members, helping to set policy; design and coordinate programs, workshops, and meetings; and create information resources. The Council seeks nominees who fully represent the undergraduate research community, so attention is paid to diversity with respect to institutional type, area of specialization, identity, and geographic location. The Nominations Committee members will be glad to answer any questions you may have about CUR and the responsibilities of Councilors. CUR encourages you to reach out to your division's chair to ask any questions about the activities and involvement in your division. 

What is Expected of a Councilor?
Councilors are expected to attend the two-day annual business meeting each June.  The cost for travel and nominal registration fee are the responsibility of the attendee. To help secure administrative support, CUR will send a copy of your election letter to administrators you designate. (Note: The 2022 Annual Business Meeting will be held virtually with no cost. Future meetings to be decided.) 

Typically, Councilors will be asked to represent their division on a task force or committee.  Councilors often have opportunities to serve as institute facilitators and coordinators or to serve in other leadership capacities across the organization.  Many members of the Executive Board are elected by and from the Councilors. The standard term is three years; thus each division has a maximum of 24 Councilors. When a division has less than 16 returning councilors, it has the opportunity to fill open seats, which results in shorter one- or two-year terms. 

What is the Process?

  1. CUR division councilor nomination submissions is a self-nomination. All nominees will need a current CUR membership to apply. The membership requirement is satisfied through either a paid individual membership or as an activated member through their institutional membership. Nominees must also have declared their primary division within their CUR profile and have all contact information up to date. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact Austen Gage
  2. Nominees submit their nomination information via the online form corresponding to your primary division in the links below. You may save your submission and come back at any time. Partial submissions will not be reviewed. The nomination form consists of questions about your past experience in undergraduate research. If there are any questions regarding your nomination during the divisional vetting process, you will be contacted by a nominations committee member. Please be sure to submit your nomination by 11:59 PM ET, November 15, 2021.
  3. Receiving an error when trying to submit? Please double check your membership status by visiting your profile. If you need further assistance, please contact
  4. Accepted nominations will appear on a ballot that will be sent to all members of the division. All nominees will be notified of their election status by early-April.
Select Your Division to Self-Nominate for CUR Division Councilor
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Nominations submissions close at 11:59 PM ET, November 15, 2021.