2019-2020 Student Travel Awards Announcement
The CUR Psychology Division is offering a limited number of travel awards (up to $200 each) for undergraduate students presenting original psychological research results at a regional or national, discipline-specific meeting.
Eligibility Criteria
  • The student must be an undergraduate at either a two- or four-year institution. If the student is a graduating fourth-year student, travel must be completed within three months of fall graduation or by June 15 for spring graduates.
  • The student’s mentor must be a CUR member, or the student’s home institution must be a CUR institutional member.
  • Only one student per project will be considered for the award.
  • Award recipients are required to acknowledge CUR for support of their travel in their talk or poster (as long as applicants are notified as award recipients before the conference).
  • Award recipients are required to complete short evaluation in either written or video form about their meeting experience. The details of this evaluation will be sent to the recipients of the travel award.
  • Award recipients are required to submit a PDF file of their poster.
  • Award recipients must submit itemized receipts for reimbursement within 10 days after travel has been completed to ensure timely processing.
Application Procedure
An electronic application form must be completed by the student applicant. The named faculty mentor will then be contacted for a letter of support. Both documents must be received by the deadline for full consideration of the submission.
In the letter of support, the faculty mentor will need to address the following:
  • the student's role in the project;
  • the impact of the research on the student during his/her undergraduate training; and
  • if the research project is completed or will be completed by the time of the conference.
Selection Criteria: Travel award recipients will be chosen based on the responses provided to each question, as well as the scholarly merit of the abstract. The abstract should contain the following information:
  • The study’s OBJECTIVE;
  • A description of the METHODS;
  • A summary of the RESULTS;
  • A statement of CONCLUSIONS (it is not acceptable to state "the results will be discussed");
  • A statement of SIGNIFICANCE.
For details on the scoring of applications, visit the online rubric.
Deadline: Complete applications (form and letter of support) must be received by 5:00 pm ET February 3, 2020. Notification of award status will be received by February 28, 2020.
Application Form
Questions? Please direct questions to Dr. Brian Thomas