CUR’s committees come together to aid the work of the CUR General Council and support the overall mission of the organization by carrying out specific charges that are necessary to the operation of the organization. Committee membership is a great way for CUR members to share their passion and expertise, build professional networks, gain leadership experience, and help shape the organization.
Standing Committees: constitutionally mandated by the CUR Constitution and Bylaws. These committees cannot be modified or sunset without a vote of the Executive Board. These committees include the following:


Continuing Committees: committees established by the Executive Board and deemed necessary to the ongoing work of CUR.  These committees include the following:


Award Review Committees: committees established to solicit and review application for CUR awards. These committees include the following:


Conference Committees: committees established to plan CUR conferences and major events. These committees include the following:


Ad Hoc Committees: task forces or working groups appointed to engage in a specific task for a limited amount of time.  They may be created or abolished as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.  Current task forces include the following: