Submitting an Initial Proposal

Send a brief description (one or two paragraphs) of the proposed publication to the CUR manager for editorial projects and communications. If the proposed work is consistent with CUR’s mission and will contribute to CUR’s publishing goals and the advancement of undergraduate research, the authors will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal.

Submitting a Detailed Publication Proposal

The detailed proposal should include enough information to determine whether the proposed publication is feasible and is within CUR’s mission. The proposal should include the following:
  1. Title.
  2. Names and affiliations of authors/editors.
  3. Introduction. Provide one or two paragraphs that answer the following questions:
    • What is the goal or purpose of the publication?
    • How does this goal help to advance CUR’s mission?
    • Why is this publication needed? (i.e., what need does it fulfill that is not met by the existing literature?)
    • Who is the targeted audience?
    • What are the qualifications of the authors/editors to write/edit the publication?
  4. List of chapters and, where appropriate, authors for each chapter. (The authors do not have to be confirmed at the time of proposal submission, and the chapter titles may change after the proposal is accepted, but the overall scope of the publication should not change.) If each chapter is to be written by a different author, please include a sentence for each author on why the author is qualified to write the chapter.
  5. Any special features that may set the publication apart from other publications (e.g., data sets, appendices).
  6. Approximate number of pages.
  7. Draft of a sample chapter (for longer publications).
  8. List of suggested reviewers (may include CUR Councilors and other well-qualified individuals).
  9. Timeline for soliciting and receiving chapters, review and possible revision, editing, and final publication.