Pre-ISSOTL Seminar, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada October 24, 2012, 8:30AM-4:00PM

Seminar Convenors: Kelly McConnaughay (CUR, US) and Rachel Spronken - Smith (ISSOTL, NZ)

The influence of technological changes on undergraduate research
  • Jonas, Michael "Capstone Experience at UNH Manchester", University of New Hampshire at Manchester, USA PowerPoint
  • Levy, Phil and Flint, Abbi "Students as Partners in Undergraduate Research", The Higher Education Academy, UK PDF
  • MacDougall, Margaret and Zhaobo, Liu "Cardiovascular health measurement scales at our finger-tips: improving the efficiency of clinical decision-making through a futuristic Wiki", University of Edinburgh, UK PowerPoint
  • O'Neil, Tim and Green, Kelly and Duncan, Darla "Student to Scholar", Oklahoma State University, USA PDF
  • Soneral, Paula A. "Breast Cancer in the Age of Personalized Medicine: An Inquiry Module for Undergraduates", Bethel University, USA PDF
Undergraduate research generating transformative learning
  • Brew, Angela and Mantai, Lilia and Hajdarpasic, Ademir "Undergraduates Transforming Higher Education in Australia", Macquarie University, Australia PDF
  • Gerson, Marylie W. "Undergraduate Research is Transformative for Identity Development", California Lutheran University, USA PDF
  • Hranitz, John M. and Barthell, John F. and Radke, William J. "A NSF-REU Program with International Undergraduate Research as a Setting for Transformative Learning", Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and University of Central Oklahoma, USA PDF
  • Kostarelos, Frances "Cross-Cultural Field Experience and Transformative Teaching and Learning", Governors State University, USA PowerPoint
  • Lannin, Laura and Healey, Mick "Rethinking Final Year Projects and Dissertations: How Innovative Approaches Can Enhance Undergraduate Research", University of Gloucestershire, UK PDF
  • Rocheleau, Suzanne and Mahan, Jaya "10 Years of Star Scholars: Early Undergraduate Research Experience as a Catalyst for Individual and Institutional Transformation", Drexel University, USA PDF 
  • Slapcoff, Marcy and Harris, dik and Dobler, Eva "Planting the seeds of inquiry: Engaging faculty in promoting the teaching-research nexus", McGill University, Canada PowerPoint
  • Walkington, Helen "Gaining recognition as a researcher: a ladder of student participation in disseminating undergraduate research", Oxford Brookes University, UK PowerPoint
The role of undergraduate research in curriculum renewal
  • Jones, Susan M. "A national call to arms! New academic standards for Australian science graduates are centered on inquiry", University of Tasmania, Australia PowerPoint
  • Larson, Susan J. "Integration of Research into Learning and Behavior: An example of curriculum renewal", Concordia College, USA PowerPoint
  • Moussa-Inaty, Jase "Using Mentored Research and Class Projects to Build Undergraduate Research Skills" Zayed University, United Arab Emirates PowerPoint
  • Strand, Krys "Development and Four Years of Implementation of an Undergraduate Research Seminar Course at a Four-Year Liberal Arts College in Minnesota", Concordia College, USA PowerPoint
  • Yandell, Lonnie "Integrating Research Across the Psychology Curriculum", Belmont University, USA PowerPoint
Supporting and sustaining undergraduate research in times of fiscal challenge
  • Feng, Li and Wohlford, Mary and Wrensford, Louise "Transforming a University Culture to Realize and Sustain Undergraduate-Research Potential", Albany State University, USA PowerPoint
  • Yeung-Cheung, Anna and Todd, Nancy and McFarlane, Wendy "The Dollar Store, Duct Tape and Creativity: Maintaining an Undergraduate Research Program on a Shoestring Budget", Manhattanville College, USA PowerPoint
The influence of changing student demographics on undergraduate research
  • Louis, Andre C. "Examining (Traditional and Non-Traditional) Students' Perceptions of Undergraduate Research Opportunities", University of Michigan-Flint, USA PowerPoint
  • Sandover, Sally and Partridge, Lee "Undergraduate Research Generating Transformative Learning", The University of Western Australia, Australia PowerPoint
Students as change agents
  • Clapp, Lauren "Organizing for Food Justice in Burlington, North Carolina", Elon University PowerPoint
  • Cooper, E. E. "The Student as Applied Anthropologist: Combining Research & Service Learning for Enhanced Impact & Funding", University of Alabama, USA PDF
  • Jones, Rebecca M. and Usher, Bethany "OSCAR Fellows: Ambassadors for Culture Change", George Mason University, USA PowerPoint
  • Palmer, Ruth J. "Teacher Educator Ensuring a Revised Quality Profile of the Teacher Workforce: Reflective Practitioner, Meaning Maker-Cultural Worker, Change Agent, Leader and Advocate for Youth in a Culture of Inquiry", The College of New Jersey, USA PowerPoint
  • Varghese, J. and Skardzius, K. "Learning Through an Undergraduate Communicty Based Research (CBR) Project: A Professor and a Student's Reflection on Two Opportunities", University of Guelph, Canada PDF