This website provides resources developed through an international seminar in Milwaukee, WI (USA) October 2011
The aims of this seminar were to:
  • Providing undergraduate research opportunities and collaborations across international boundaries
  • Building research experiences into first-year and introductory courses
  • Transforming curricula to include research and inquiry.
Some 70 delegates from a dozen national systems gathered to report on and investigate these issues. The format was a mixture of posters, brief plenaries and guided discussion in seminar groups.
The seminar was Co-sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and the ISSoTL Advancing Undergraduate Research Special Interest Group. The seminar convenors were: Nancy Hensel (CUR, US) and Bill Campbell (CUR, US) and Robin Howard (CUR) produced the web site.
Note that CUR plans to continue this international discussion on undergraduate research by sponsoring a one day seminar at the annual ISSoTL conference in Canada in 2012. Please check back for more details on this event.
The resources developed through this seminar are organized as follows:
A. Speakers: Plenary Presentations
B.Posters on Seminar Themes
A. Speakers Plenary Presentations:
  • MaryAnn Baenninger, President (College of St. Benedict, USA)
    Creating deep collaborations between undergraduate researchers across international boundaries
  • Mick Healey, Professor Emeritus (University of Gloucestershire, UK)
    International perspectives on integrating research and inquiry into the curriculum from the first year onwards
    PowerPoint Presentation
  • Maher Khelifa, Associate Professor (Zayed University, UAE)
    Issues in building research experiences into the curriculum: the case of Dubai
B. Submitted Posters on Seminar Themes:
  • Anderson "Benthic and Fish Population Monitoring in the Near Shore Waters of Grenada, Eastern Caribbean " PDF
  • Balza, Noonan "Developmental Gene Expression Research in an Undergraduate Genetics Course" PDF
  • Barthell, Hranitz, Radke, Duell "STEM Research Experiences for Undergraduates with a Global Perspective: Collaborative Studeis in the Republic of Turkey" PowerPoint
  • Butcher, Maunder "Going URB@N: Exploring the impact of undergraduate students as pedagogic researchers" PDF
  • Carte, Angelo "The Inquiring Mind of the Millennial: A Research Activity for Undergraduate Students" PowerPoint
  • Cavitt "Strengthening Avian Flyway Conservation Through International Undergraduate Research and Service Exchanges:Linking Communities, Wetlands and Migratory birds" PDF
  • Cosby, Sobhi, Arthur, Williams, Leppert, Brown, Nardone, Stokes-McElveen, Nixon-Hudson, Avery "Exposure Program: The Junior Scientist Training Program" PowerPoint
  • Cutler, Venkatachary "Curriculum foundations for a research-oriented undergraduate program: Integrating inquiry into 1st and 2nd year experience in Political Science" PDF
  • DesJardins "International Research Experiences for Undergraduates Global Opportunities Through Clemson University" PDF
  • Dew, Graham, Handler "Scholarship: It’s not what you think! A Campaign to Increase Student Awareness of Faculty/Student Scholarship" PDF
  • Geng "Undergraduate Research across International Boundaries: From Faculty's Perspective" PowerPoint
  • Hatch "Building a Research Culture on a Community College Campus" PowerPoint
  • Healey "Rethinking Final Year Projects and Dissertations: Creative Honours and Capstone Projects" PDF
  • Higgs "Connecting on-campus and off-campus research for 1st year Science Students" PowerPoint
  • Highsmith "A Research Track Enrichment Curriculum - Building Research into Freshman Courses " PowerPoint
  • Horn "Creating A Curriculum of Self-Authorship: Beginning With Threshold Concepts Toward Intellectual Growth " PowerPoint
  • Kanbur, Medeiros, Clemo, Stanley "The SUNY Oswego Global Laboratory" PowerPoint
  • Khan "Integration of Undergraduate Research & Collaborations across international boundaries in Curricula " PowerPoint
  • Kizza "Building an African Infrastructure for development: the role of undergraduate research in the African university " PowerPoint
  • Lambert, Ramasamy, Ahmed "Drug screen on Embryonic Neural Stem Cells" PDF
  • Lee, Gurney "Undergraduate Laboratory Renaissance for Organic Chemistry" PDF
  • McMahon, Marks, Schuder, Piatt "Internationalizing the Campus Curriculum: Carroll University Pilots a New Undergraduate Research Program " PDF
  • Morris, McConnaughay, Stabenau, Stover "The Effectiveness of Early Core Curriculum in Biology at Bradley University in Building Science Process Skills " PowerPoint
  • Morris, Schoer "Environmental Research with Undergraduates in East Asia: Collaborations in China and Japan " PowerPoint
  • Murray "Teaching a Culture of Safety to Students of Nuclear Physics" PDF
  • Nile "A Multi-institutional Summer International Undergraduate Research (SUIR) Program " PowerPoint
  • Peterson, Geng "Geng Vilage's Story Telling Tradition: Safeguard an Intangible Cultural Heritage " PowerPoint
  • Seitzer "The Beginner's Mind of Undergraduate Research: Fostering First-year Participation in Research" PDF
  • Sheetz-Nguyen "Navigating the Research Fields of London with Undergraduate Students: Helping Students Learn" PDF
  • Spears, Tripodi "NIU’s Undergraduate Special Opportunities in
    Artistry & Research Program" PDF
  • Steiger, Conant, Kilp "ECSLED: Long on reach, shorter on grasp" PDF
  • Williams "Kenyan Women with Disabilities: An Assessment of Need Fulfillment, Physical Health, and Mental Well-being Developing student led collaboration and research across international borders" PowerPoint
  • Wooten"Integration of research and inquiry in the classroom: Examples from core biology courses" PDF
  • Wozniak "Freshman Fellows: Recruitment and Retention, in an Undergraduate Research Program" PowerPoint
  • Wuetherick, Moss "Embedding Undergraduate Research Skill Development through Curriculum and Course Design " PowerPoint
  • Zeleke "Undergraduate Research through Experimental Mathematics" PowerPoint