"Undergraduate research is now an international movement." (Jenkins and Healey, 2010)

This website provides resources developed through an international seminar in Liverpool (UK) October 2010

The aims of this seminar were to:

  • Explore how undergraduate research and inquiry are conceived, delivered, supported and funded in a range of national systems;
  • Discuss and clarify what is common and distinctive about undergraduate research and inquiry in these national systems;
  • Identify key current developments in these national systems;
  • Explore department and institutional strategies for developing undergraduate research and inquiry including similarities and differences between research intensive and teaching intensive;
  • Assess what can be done to promote and support international sharing of good practice and research-based understanding of undergraduate research.

Some 70 delegates from a dozen national systems gathered to report on and investigate these issues. The format was a mixture of posters, brief plenaries and guided discussion in seminar groups.

The seminar was Co-sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and the ISSoTL Advancing Undergraduate Research Special Interest Group. The seminar convenors were: Mick Healey (HE Consultant and Researcher, UK), Nancy Hensel (CUR, US) and Alan Jenkins (Oxford Bookes, UK) and Robin Howard (CUR) produced the web site.

Note that CUR plans to continue this international discussion on undergraduate research by sponsoring a one day seminar on Wednesday October 19, 2011 at the annual ISSoTL conference in Milwaukee. Please check back for more details on this event.

The resources developed through this seminar are organized as follows:

A. Speakers: Plenary Presentations

B. Commentaries

C. Final Plenary on Taking Forward this Agenda

D. Discussion Reports

E. Posters on Seminar Themes

F. Program, Seminar Organization and Evaluation

G. Useful Websites

H. Preliminary Information on the ISSoTL Milwaukee 2011 Seminar

A. Speakers Plenary Presentations:

  • Tom Wenzel, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine, United States
    Conceptual Issues about Undergraduate Research
    PowerPoint Presentation      Summary
  • Angela Brew, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
    International Perspectives on Undergraduate Research
    PowerPoint Presentation      Summary
  • Susan Vajoczki, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Issues in Comparing International Practices & Policies
    PowerPoint Presentation      Summary

B. Commentaries:

  • Paula Myatt, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Summary       Website
  • Ray Land, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland Summary       Website
  • Neil Haigh, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand Summary

C. Final Plenary on Taking Forward this Agenda:

  • Bill Campbell, University of Wisconsin - River Falls, River Falls, Wisconsin, United States and CUR President-Elect Summary          Website
  • Cecilia Lucero, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, United States Summary
  • Stuart Hampton-Reeves, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, United Kingdom Summary

D. Discussion Reports:

Much of the seminar was conducted through chaired international group discussion.

E. Submitted Posters on Seminar Themes:

** denotes posters voted "Most Effective"


  • Fuller, Brook, Holt and France "Embedding research in an undergraduate Physical Geography curriculum: the role of fieldwork " PowerPoint
  • Gunn "Conceptualizing the links between the research-teaching nexus and in-course employability in placement-less programmes: Reflections from quality enhancement" PowerPoint
  • Healey "Exploring Creative Honours and Capstone Projects" PDF
  • Healey, Jenkins and Healey "Linking Teaching and Research through Engaging Students in Research and Inquiry: International Perspectives"  PowerPoint or PDF
  • Kirkup and Bonfiglioli "Research-inspired learning as a driver for science curriculum renewal" PowerPoint
  • Land, Woolmer and Mitchell "Developing Graduate Attributes through Undergraduate Research Internships" PDF
  • Light, Swarat, Streitwieser and Drane "Research Revisited as a Learning and Teaching Exercise: An Alternative Approach to Engage Undergraduates and Faculty in Research" PDF
  • Lucero "Undergraduate Research at Notre Dame PDF
  • Sheffield "Inquiry-based Learning: key messages and a conceptual framework
    from CILASS (Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences)" PDF
  • Simmons and Lee "Seeking Integration: Co-op Work Terms and the Development of Undergraduate Research Skills " PowerPoint
  • Walkington and France "Embedding Research Skills in the Pre-Honours Undergraduate Geography Curriculum" PowerPoint
  • Willison "When researching and teaching meet…Outcomes of explicit research skill development for undergraduates and masters by coursework students across 5 Australian universities." PDF
  • Wilson-Medhurst "Activity Led Learning: A Contemporary Faculty-Wide Approach to Engaging Engineering & Computing Undergraduates in Active Learning and Research " PDF


  • Baptista, Huet and Costa "Undergraduate Research: A Portuguese Perspective The national initiative and the case study at the Dep. Education, University of Aveiro" PDF
  • Brew "Undergraduate Research in Australia" PDF
  • Council on Undergraduate Research "Council on Undergraduate Research" PowerPoint
  • Council on Undergraduate Research "Recognizing Tomorrow's Possibilities: Undergraduate Research in the United States" PowerPoint
  • Dublin Region Higher Education Alliance "REL Project: Research Enabled Learning" PDF
  • Hampton-Reeves, Dillon and Hewertson "British Conference of Undergraduate Research" PDF
  • Haslett "Linking research and teaching in Wales: work of the Higher Education Academy Action Set" PowerPoint
  • **Higgs "Embedding Research into Undergraduate Curricula in Ireland & the need for a mapping exercise" PowerPoint**
  • Jenkins, Healey and Healey "Undergraduate Research in the UK: One Perspective" PowerPoint or PDF
  • Land "Two QAA Scotland Enhancement Themes, involving 21 Scottish HEIs" Word Document
  • Luck, Park, Morris, Potter, Sneedon, and Crowe "Bioscience Horizons: The National Undergraduate Research Journal" PowerPoint
  • Palladino, Ghosh, Lyden, Spell and Temple "Involving Undergraduate Students in Biological Research: Practices from the Biology Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)" PowerPoint
  • Parker "Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences: A Survey of Eight Countries and Five Disciplines" PDF
  • Parker "Undergraduate Research in the UK: Politics and International Relations DegreesThe" PDF
  • Parker "Undergraduate Research in the US: Results from a Sample of 200 Political Science Degrees" PDF
  • Spronken-Smith, Haigh and O'Steen "Undergraduate Research and Inquiry in New Zealand" PowerPoint
  • Vajoczki "A Canadian Perspective on Undergraduate Research" PDF


  • Bastiaens "Maastricht Research Based Learning" PDF
  • Bergren "Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program: Facilitating opportunities for MIT Undergraduates to conduct research, in any discipline, as junior colleagues to faculty" PDF
  • **Buckley " Staff and students’ views about research-teaching links - a case study" PowerPoint**
  • Buschfeld, Dilger, Lilienthal and Schuller " Experiencing research through action-oriented teaching and learning PDF
  • Edwards-Jones and Gresty "The Plymouth Experience of Undergraduate E-Journals " PowerPoint
  • Gibson, Brock and Wilding "Undergraduate Research Opportunities at the University of Warwick " PowerPoint
  • Gregerman and Locks "Undergraduate Research as a Comprehensive Retention Strategy" PDF
  • **Hagyard and Neary "Student as a Producer" PDF**
  • Jones "Enhance, Extend, Encourage: a whole of School approach to embedding research across a Zoology undergraduate curriculum " PowerPoint
  • Kingsbury and Hawksworth "Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)" PDF
  • Lindenau "Semester PLUS Undergraduate Research Summer: a slightly different study abroad programme at Newcastle University" PowerPoint
  • Lyden and Campbell "Building a "research culture" using the student organized and administered campus-wide group, SURSCA." PDF
  • Madsen "Extreme International Research: Astrophysics on an Ice Breaker and at the South Pole" PDF
  • McConnaughay, Morris, and Wolffe "Integrating High School Students & K-12 Educators into Undergraduate Research" PDF
  • Miller, Vandermaas-Peeler, Peeples, and Felten "Fostering Undergraduate Research Connections" PowerPoint
  • Myatt and Zimbardi "Undergraduate research within an Australian research-intensive university." PDF
  • Sanders "Developing a Research Active Curriculum" PowerPoint
  • Sandover and Partridge "The Ultris Model: Undergraduate Learning and Teaching Research Internship Scheme" PDF
  • Schuder "Does Size Really Matter? Chemistry Research at Private Liberal Arts and Public State Universities" PDF
  • Spain, Ghosh, Peck and Frost "Sustaining Undergraduate Research at a Small University" PowerPoint
  • Stokes "UCLan's URS: Undergraduate Research Society" PDF
  • Vajoczki "Inquiry Learning at McMaster University: From Innovation to Sustainability" PDF

F. Program, Seminar Organization and Evaluation:

G. Useful Websites