UR Exchange will take place on Twitter on Thursday, November 12, 2020, from noon to 5 PM ET.

Fact #1: Not being able to celebrate your research successes in-person is disappointing!
Fact #2: CUR’s UR Exchange can’t solve everything, but it can provide an outlet to celebrate yourself, your mentors, connect with others, and more.


We are encouraging all students to showcase through short video clips, posters, posts, and more:

  • Undergraduate research experiences
  • Personal impact of COVID on their research
  • Experience with virtual undergraduate research
  • Results or hard work towards research goals accomplished this year
  • Thoughts for newly elected officials to know about undergraduate research
  • Thanks to your mentors, faculty, or institutions
  • And much more

There is no limit on what and how you can share. Our purpose is to flood Twitter using the hashtag #URExchange with all things undergraduate research related.


Whether you are a faculty member wanting to share praise, a student showcasing research experiences, an association advocating for the importance of UR, an institution wanting to champion students and faculty for their efforts, or anything in between -- we welcome you! Download our How to Participate: Which Role Will You Play? guide to see how you can join in on November 12 as we take over Twitter using #URExchange.


Website_TeaserWHAT ARE TIPS AND TRICKS TO BE PREPARED FOR NOV 12? Whichever role you want to play on November 12, we have outlined steps to take to make your participation smooth and easy in this UR Exchange Guidebook. From the basics of setting up a Twitter account, to how to make a post or interact, and even best practices to follow when engaging in our Twitter Takeover. Make sure to download our UR Exchange Guidebook to be best prepared on how to participate on November 12! 

We encourage you to pass our How To along, share it via social media, and get more people involved to show the power of UR! Tell your followers, students, members, and friends about the event as well by sharing this simple graphic (right-click on the graphic below and save it to your computer) and linking it back to this page ( on your personal social media accounts. Don't forget to add #URExchange and tag @CURinAction. 




Watch out for mid-October when we release our participation guidelines for students needing help preparing to share their research, etc. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to