UR Exchange will take place on Twitter on Thursday, November 12, 2020, from noon to 5 PM ET.

Fact #1: Not being able to celebrate your research successes in-person is disappointing!
Fact #2: CUR’s UR Exchange can’t solve everything, but it can provide an outlet to celebrate yourself, your mentors, connect with others, and more.


We are encouraging all students to showcase through short video clips, posters, posts, and more:

  • Undergraduate research experiences
  • Personal impact of COVID on their research
  • Experience with virtual undergraduate research
  • Results or hard work towards research goals accomplished this year
  • Thoughts for newly elected officials to know about undergraduate research
  • Thanks to your mentors, faculty, or institutions
  • And much more

There is no limit on what and how you can share. Our purpose is to flood Twitter using the hashtag #URExchange with all things undergraduate research related.

We will be releasing guidebooks on how you can prepare yourself to post, how faculty, institutions, and family members can interact with these posts, and much more to make sure everyone feels excited and prepared for the big day –November 12! Watch out for these materials to be released in early October.

Make sure your email is on our First to Know Student Programs subscription list so you can get the materials and info you need, first!


If you have any questions, please reach out to