Meet the Researcher - Tiffany Tan

Breakout Room: 22

TiffanyTan_HeadshotResearcher Name: Tiffany Tan
Title of Research: Assessing Teacher's Implicit Attitudes Toward Racial Minority Students and Their Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Teaching Diverse Classroom
Division Representing: Education
Institution: University of Central Florida
Institution Location: Florida 
Home State: Florida
District Number: 10
Advisor/Mentor: Marisa Macy
Funding Source: no

Research Experience:  
Designed and implemented quantitative and qualitative test for undergraduate thesisCollected and analyzed qualitative and quantitative dataParticipated in CITI Training: Human Subject Research- Group 2. Social / Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel (Active until 2025)Wrote grant proposal that was awarded funding of $500 Tiffany Tan's Work Experience:Teaching Senior Intern (Jan 2021 - Present)Tutor (Sep 2020 - Present)Teaching Junior Intern (Sep 2020 - Dec 2020)Teaching Assistant (Aug 2019 - Dec 2020) Tiffany Tan's Volunteer Experience:Acquired more than 7,000 volunteer hours at Orange County Public SchoolsOrganized book drives and donated books to children's shelters and Title 1 Elementary Schools to bring literacy into the lives of lower-income children

Significance of Research:       
Racial biases within teachers have caused racial minority students to face more academic challenges than their White peers, such as lower program placements and lower academic expectations. With the increasing number of racial minority students in our country, it is crucial to better understand the racial biases that may occur in classrooms. This study examined and compared pre-service and in-service teachers' implicit attitudes toward racial minority students while looking at their self-efficacy beliefs in teaching diverse classrooms. Participants included nine pre-service teachers from a four-year university and nine PreK-3 in-service teachers from the Southeastern part of the United States. This study utilized an Implicit Association Test (IAT) to examine if pre-service or in-service teachers held more negative implicit attitudes toward racial minority students. An IAT measures the strength of associations between concepts (racial majority students and racial minority students) and evaluations (positive and negative traits). After analyzing these results, raw data from participants' IAT results showed that more pre-service teachers associated racial minority students with negative traits. On the contrary, the Teacher Efficacy Scale for Classroom Diversity (TESCD) showed that more pre-service teachers held higher self-efficacy beliefs in teaching diverse classrooms in areas such as teaching English Language Learners and students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Results support recommendations and implications for practitioners to better understand the cause of racial disparities in our education system and how pre-service teachers can be better prepared to teach in diverse classrooms. Keywords: implicit attitudes, implicit bias, racial dynamics, racial minority students, early childhood education  

Uniqueness of Research: 
Due to current events like the Black Lives Matter movement, racial injustice issues are more prevalent now than ever. This research was done to better understand how racial biases may occur in classrooms between pre-service and in-service teachers.