Meet the Researcher - Isabella Briseno

Breakout Room: 14

Isabella_Briseno_HeadshotResearcher Name: Isabella Briseno
Title of Research: Communicating the Importance of a Comprehensive Approach to Ocean Solutions through ArcGIS StoryMaps
Division Representing: Geosciences
Institution: The Pennsylvania State University - Brandywine
Institution Location: Pennsylvania
Home State: New Jersey
District Number: 5
Advisor/Mentor: Laura Guertin
Funding Source: N/A

Research Experience:  
Isabella is an undergraduate student at Penn State University double majoring in Environmental Resource Management and Political Science and minoring in Marine Science. Bella qualified to be a member of the Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honors Society and has been on the Dean's List for the three semesters she has been a student at Penn State. Bella is involved with advancing sustainability within Penn State through the newly formed Environmental Justice Leaders group and the Student Sustainability Advisory Council (SSAC). The culmination of the SSAC's work over the course of a semester is to advise senior leadership of the University, including the University's President, on student-generated sustainability proposals. She enjoys meeting with stakeholders throughout the semester to help craft her proposal on sustainability curricular changes. Outside of Penn State, Bella has been recruited to be the undergraduate representative on the Ocean Advisory Council under the Hispanic Access Foundation. In this position, Bella will help generate ocean research and engage Latino communities in ocean conservation through events such as Latino Conservation Week. She is also a member of the Oceanography Society. She volunteers under Gateway Community Action partnership as an English as a Second Language (ESL) tutor twice a week for a Spanish-speaking student. Her future goal is to merge her interests in science and policy to involve global communities in finding solutions to oceanic challenges and she plans to pursue a career in environmental law.  

Significance of Research:       
A six-part ArcGIS StoryMaps collection was created to facilitate the expansion of ocean literacy both within the classroom and among the general public. The collection covers the individual and organizational efforts and important concepts to support the 2021-30 United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development through a combination of storytelling and multimedia, namely videos, audio segments, and embedded content. At its core, the key takeaway for the target audience is to recognize the power of partnerships that span the globe and develop equitable solutions for an ocean that touches the lives of all. These broad-based partnerships rely on connections across generations, cultures, and disciplines to meet the targets outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and mitigate the anthropogenic effects on the ocean. The wealth of perspectives included in the collection pull from the presentations of ocean professionals at several notable ocean conferences, including Capitol Hill Ocean Week and the first UNESCO Virtual Ocean Literacy Summit. Key topics range from youth engagement to marrying indigenous knowledge with the current knowledge base to the power of artists in communicating the importance of the ocean. The final StoryMap in the collection uses Blooms Taxonomic Framework to develop comprehension questions for the content within each StoryMap, and is intended to be utilized by educators in particular. The collection is also available in Spanish to expand the accessibility of the collection to a wider audience. Access the collection here:   

Uniqueness of Research: 
The StoryMaps collection pertains to efforts in ocean science and ocean-related fields but calls for multidisciplinary action to secure such ocean solutions, with emphasis on the power of involving representatives from various generations, cultures, and disciplines. Multimedia materials presented in ArcGIS StoryMaps call attention to the national and international multidisciplinary efforts necessary to secure solutions to ocean challenges.