Meet the Researcher - Arish Vale

Breakout Room: 27

ArishValeHeaderResearcher Name: Arish Vale
Title of Research: Reconstitution: A Proposal For Renewal
Division Representing: Social Sciences
Institution: Grinnell College
Institution Location: Iowa
Home State: Iowa
District Number: 1
Advisor/Mentor: Sarah Purcell
Funding Source: N/A

Research Experience: 
My name is Arish Vale, and I am a fourth-year Political Science student at Grinnell College. I am originally from Manhattan Beach, California, but I now live in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I have had the honor to work at the House of Lords in the UK as a research assistant to Lord Christopher Fox, Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, and I have also had to pleasure to work as a research assistant for Professor Barry Driscoll at Grinnell College. Further, during my time at Grinnell, I have completed independent research projects on the renewal of liberalism with Professor Kesho Scott and renewing American Government with Professor Gemma Sala. I have also worked as a Deputy-Field Organizer for Let America Vote in Des Moines during the 2018 Elections and as a volunteer on the Liberal Democrats Leadership Election Team during the 2019 General Election. My time at Grinnell has sharpened my long-standing interest in policy and politics into a love of American Studies, which is why I am a member of both the Political Science and American Studies Student Educational Policy Committees at Grinnell. 

Presentation Experience: 
Beyond four years on the Mira Costa Model UN debate team, one of the most competitive and professional teams in the nation, I have repeatedly completed presentations throughout my educational career. I gave a solo presentation on my independent research project with Doctor Kesho Scott, which was on lower-case 'l' liberal renewal, to a class of my peers. I had a duo presentation of a research poster for my class, The U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction, on the failure of land reform. Also, I had the honor of briefing Members of Parliament on an opposition research report of the then-incoming Johnson Government's business team during my time as a research assistant for the Lord Fox.

Significance of Research:      
How can Congress be reshaped into a more productive and more powerful legislative body? How can Congress become the center of political gravity in the United States' constitutional system once more? This work synthesizes several strains of scholarship, most notably Juan Linz's work on veto players, Barbara Sinclair's work on Unorthodox Lawmaking, and Peter Hanson's work on the legislative filibuster. The research starts by analyzing the legislative filibuster, Senate malapportionment, and strong bicameralism as the crucial inter-cameral and intra-cameral veto points that prevent Congress from exercising its untapped abundance of power. Then follows an analysis of the effects of this structural trinity's namely omnibus leadership-driven legislating, the normalization of government shutdowns, executive overreach, and judicial overreach. In response to these Four Deadly Symptoms, this research project develops a new, alternative model of legislative leadership and inter-cameral relations. Proposing the creation of a pan-Congressional leadership structure (a non-executive legislative chancellor) and the adoption of a new mode of bicameralism- specializing the functions of each chamber in addition to modified imperfect bicameralism (a functional bicameralism). This new approach to Congressional structure is sourced from various systems-notably France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Thus, from many comes one's novel structural approach to reforming Congress and beginning our Third Reconstruction.

Uniqueness of Research: 
This research is unique as it is a novel synthesis of various models of legislative structure that, to my knowledge, has never been proposed. Further, most Congressional reform usually harkens to returning to a 'Golden Age' model and this proposes a new model of legislative organization.  

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