Become A NCUR 2022 @home Volunteer

NCUR will be delivered as a virtual experience again in 2022, and while we are extremely excited for the potential of this digital experience, we are also in great need of your help. NCUR receives and accepts thousands of student abstracts in all academic disciplines every year, and we anticipate this year to be no different. As a result, we are in need of abstract reviewers and facilitators for disciplinary-specific cohorts. Volunteer your time to help out NCUR 2022 @home today.
Please note: Undergraduate students are not eligible to serve as volunteers for NCUR 2022.  

Current Opportunities

Become an Abstract Reviewer: Deadline November 22, 2021 (second round). NCUR receives and accepts thousands of student abstracts in all academic disciplines every year. We are interested in recruiting reviewers from a range of disciplines. If you are an administrator, faculty member, mentor, post doctoral scholar, or a graduate student, you are eligible to review student abstracts from NCUR 2022. 

The expected workload for abstract reviewers is to access the NCUR submission site to review abstracts in a fair and balanced way while providing a score and comments for each assigned abstract. Total time: ~3-4 hours. 

  • There are two reviewer rounds. You are able to volunteer for one or both review rounds. 
    • Early-bird abstract submission round (with optional competition element) review dates: October 27 - November 15, 2021. Please note this round will have a few additional elements to review related to the competition aspect. 
    • Regular abstract submission round review dates: December 1, 2021 - January 5, 2022.  

Volunteer to Become a Reviewer

Become a Disciplinary Cohort Facilitator: Deadline February 21, 2022. NCUR is seeking volunteers to serve as disciplinary cohort facilitators during the virtual event. Faculty, administrators, mentors/advisors, post-doctoral scholars, and graduate students are eligible to serve in this capacity. 

  • The expected workload for disciplinary cohort facilitators is as follows:
    • To attend 1-3 pre-event training sessions and review prepared presentation materials. Total time: ~2-3 hours
    • Availability to facilitate a three-hour disciplinary-specific cohort group over the course of NCUR, April 4-8, 2022. We will give preference to matching you with sessions within your discipline or of a similar discipline. When filling out the form, please indicate all times you are available. You will only be matched with 1-3 cohorts. Total time: ~3-4 hours per cohort. 
      • ‚ÄčAvailable times and cohort structure will be released when this volunteer opportunity opens. 

VOLUNTEER TO BECOME A Disciplinary COhort Facilitator