Undergraduate research has been recognized as an effective high-impact practice that benefits students, faculty, and institutions. This workshop will bring together teams of three to five faculty members, staff, and administrators who are interested in institutionalizing existing research activities and in developing research-rich curricula to support this goal.  
The traditional apprenticeship model of undergraduate research, where one student or a small number of students work closely with a faculty member, is powerful, but it is often difficult to structure so that all students can participate. At this CUR Institute, teams will explore multiple ways to think about applying the benefits of undergraduate research to a larger percentage of students by integrating research into the curriculum. Ways to build capacity across campuses also will be discussed, and numerous examples of successful programs will be shared.
The workshop will consist of plenary lectures interspersed with individual team meetings with CUR mentors.  The teams will begin the workshop by reflecting on the current status of undergraduate research on their campuses and by doing an inventory as they examine their institutional strengths, as well as the current obstacles preventing achievement of the desired results. After this assessment, the teams will begin formulating mission statements, goals, and action plans for their own institutions. Particular attention will be given to developing research-rich curricula. The event will conclude with the teams presenting their plans to all attendees. Throughout this process, the facilitators will assist the teams in in their deliberations. 

Next Offering:

This is an annual event that typically takes place in the fall. We are still finalizing the dates and details for the next offering of this institute. Dates will be announced in CUR E-News. Please check back soon! If you are interested in hosting this event, please contact Tavia Cummings.
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Last Offering:

The institute was last held October 12-14, 2018 at Capital University in Columbus, OH.


For questions or further information about the institute, please contact Tavia Cummings.