The goals of the institute are to:

  • Inform participants about current research on learning outcomes for students engaging in undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity (URSCA)
  • Provide models of URSCA programs by a range of institutional types and budgets
  • Facilitate teams in defining a mission and overall action plan for URSCA in the arts and humanities on their campus, developing strategies to meet those goals, and resolving challenges
  • Identify sources and strategies for obtaining funding, both internal and external
  • Define assessment mechanisms appropriate for the arts and humanities for the URSCA program
  • Address workload, tenure issues, and promotion issues for faculty who mentor URSCA
  • Ensure that teams return to campus with an action plan that addresses some or all of the above points

The institute will assist teams of faculty, staff, and administrators to develop transformative opportunities for undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity (URSCA) in the arts and humanities. Participants will:

  • Create customized plans for their own institutions to enhance URSCA in the arts and humanities - in curricula, summer research programs, campus symposia, national conferences, and scholarly publications and showcases
  • Learn about successful models of URSCA developed by and for scholars in the arts and humanities - not simply adapted from the sciences
  • Address challenges to student engagement in URSCA, such as the need for language skills or other specialized training before beginning scholarly work
  • Discover new opportunities for student scholarship in the digital humanities, blogs and wikis, designs and compositions, research abroad and in the community, and e-portfolios
  • Gain insight into why students mentored in URSCA succeed in vital areas in the arts and humanities: critical and creative thinking, written and oral communication, intellectual curiosity, and analysis
  • Learn how URSCA improves retention, especially for students most academically at-risk
  • Find out about best practices for mentoring, administering, and funding URSCA, particularly in disciplines without external grants available for undergraduate work
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