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External Links

Below is a list of external links that may be of interest to faculty members.  CUR does not endorse any of the below websites.

External Links - Students

  • Astrobites - The Astro-Ph Reader's Digest

    Astrobites is a daily literature journal summarizing new astrophysical research posted to astroph. Astrobites is written by graduate students for undergraduates. Read more about our goals.

  • BIO Research Experiences for Undergraduates - National Science Foundation

  • Chembites

    Chembites' goal is to help undergraduates navigate current chemical literature.

  • Forensic Psychology Programs

    If you can imagine yourself counseling a troubled Hannibal Lector-type criminal, forensic psychology might be the perfect fit for you. Forensic psychologists use their extensive understanding of the human psyche to help comprehend and explain the reasons that people engage in violent and harmful behaviors. This is an excellent career for individuals who want to make a difference in society. Forensic psychology programs teach students the skills for understanding and preventing adverse criminal behaviors and supporting victims in finding positive responses to even the most aggressive and violent actions.

  • IPSL Study Abroad, Service-Learning™ + Advocacy Research™ Programs - IPSL Study Abroad + Service-Learning™ Programs

    IPSL provides students with the opportunity to participate in Service-Learning™ and Advocacy Research™ summer and semester academic programs. IPSL helps students navigate the process of conducting original and sponsored undergraduate and graduate research in an international context. This research benefits both the community the students are working in, and the students themselves. Emphasis is put on inquiry into culturally sensitive, critical exploration of service in an international context.

  • Pathways to Science - Institute for Broadening Participation

  • Program for Excellence & Equity in Research - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    The Program for Excellence & Equity in Research (PEER) is an initiative to increase the number of exceptional underrepresented students graduating with doctoral degrees in STEM disciplines at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. PEER seeks to advance a doctoral student’s competitiveness and interest in their chosen career field by offering professional development, ambitious research and impactful mentoring opportunities. Only eight of the incoming graduate students at UT are selected each year for a two-year PEER fellowship which provides salary, travel funding, tuition, & health benefits to recipients.

  • WebGURU - Guide for Undergraduate Research

    The Web Guide to Research for Undergraduates (WebGURU) is an interactive web-based tool intended to assist undergraduates navigate the hurdles of an undergraduate research experience. Resources available on this website include:

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