Learning Through Research

Underrepresented Students

Supporting Underrepresented Students

CUR is committed to supporting underserved students.

Some of CUR's initiatives in this endeavor are:

CUR seeks grant funding for faculty from minority serving institutions participate in CUR institutes and workshops.
Hosting special institutes at minority serving institutions and providing consultants when requested by campuses.
Discussing policy issues with key individuals such as meetings with the White House Advisor to the President on HBCUs, and the NSF program officer for HBCU support and Members of Congress.
CUR seeks funding to continue its work with assisting community colleges to develop vibrant undergraduate research programs.
Each year CUR offers a conference, NCUR, for students from all disciplines to present their work.  The NCUR conference requires host campuses to pay particular attention to encouraging underrepresented students to attend.
BroadeningCUR also publishes books and articles about how institutions can more effectively involve underrepresented students in undergraduate research, such as Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research, pictured at right. 
The CUR Conference 2012 included many sessions on minority participation.
The Fall 2011 Issue of the CUR Quarterly included an article on "Requiring Research May Improve Retention In STEM Fields for Underrepresented Women"
The Spring 2011 Issue of the CURQ On the Web included an article on "Developing a Better Way to Improve the Research Skills of Underrepresented Students"
The December 2006 Issue of the CUR Quarterly included an article on "Developing an Office for Undergraduate Research at Howard University"
In 2003, an Undergraduate Research Summit was held at Bates College.  The Summit Report includes a section on Diversifying the Chemical Sciences.
The December 1999 and March 2000 quarterlies focused on Minority Participation in Undergraduate Research.