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Winter 2013 CURQ on the Web

CURQ on the Web

Welcome to CURQ on the Web.  This feature will feature supplemental materials for articles published in the print version of the CUR Quarterly, text and visual materials not included in our print version, and will showcase complete articles separate from the print version.  We hope you find this resource both interesting and valuable.  Please send your comments and suggestions regarding CURQ on the Web to kdm@bradley.edu


Winter 2013 Edition

Undergraduate Research in a Mobile, Web 3.0 World - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Jon Grahe, Esther Guillaume, Jerry Rudmann
Other Articles
Lauren M. Dahlquist
Community-based Research with Podcasting in Introductory Geoscience Courses - Laura Guertin; Systems Analysis and Design of a Web-Centric Information System - Stephen Larson; VIPEr: An Online Academic Resource Enhancing Undergraduate Research - Sheila R. Smith, Sibrina Collins, Hilary Eppley, Margret Geselbracht, Elizabeth Jamieson, Adam Johnson, Chip Nataro, Barbara Reisner, Joanne Stewart, B. Scott Williams, Lori Watson; Using Mobile Technology to Enhance Undergraduate Research - Christine S. Anderson, Tracey Arnold Murray; Transforming Community-Based Studies with Mobile Apps - Jean F. Coppola
Sequestration Leads to Mid-Research Changes at University of South Alabama - Julio F. Turrens; Layoffs, Student Shifts at University of Washington - Janice DeCosmo; Summer Research Slots Hit at Central Washington University - Michael Jackson, Linda Schactler; Impacts Feared at University of New England - Deena Small, Markus Frederich, Charles Tilburg, Amy Deveau, Edward Bilsky