Learning Through Research

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Reading, Writing, & Research: Undergraduate Students as Scholars in Literary Studies

Edited by Laura L. Behling, Butler University
behlingsm"For the past several decades, we have been calling for more critical and creative thinking in all our courses. We need all our students to do more, as Laura Behling says in her introduction to the book, "prying and poking." In other words, all our students need to become engaged in the kinds of real research that goes on in all our fields. More than anything, we need to think of research, particularly undergraduate research commencing with first-year courses, as the primary teaching methodology for undergraduate education. This book documents multiple methods and procedures that could be adapted for all students to become engaged in the essential questions of our fields. Reading, Writing, and Research: Undergraduate Students as Scholars in Literary Studies is essential reading for beginning campus discussions for bringing a research-based teaching methodology to all our undergraduate courses in community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and undergraduate programs in research universities."
Paul Bodmer
Senior Program Officer Higher Education (retired)
National Council of Teachers of English
"Community college faculty and administrators will benefit from a careful reading of this important work. The undergraduate research models featured have significant applications for community college classrooms in the humanities"
David Berry
Executive Director
Community College Humanities Association
"This book brilliantly shows how undergraduate research, which would have seemed a contradiction in terms when colleges concealed the mysteries of research from students, is today enriching and enlivening the college curriculum."
Gerald Graff
Professor of English and Education
University of Illinois at Chicago