Learning Through Research

Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research

Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research: Fostering Excellence and Enhancing the Impact

Editors: Mary K. Boyd, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, University of San Diego and Jodi L. Wesemann, Assistant Director for Higher Education, American Chemical Society
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Engaging undergraduate students in research, scholarship, and creative activity is a proven and powerful practice for enhancing educational outcomes and expanding frontiers of knowledge. This book is a rich collection featuring institutions that are maximizing the impact of this practice by including: 
  • underrepresented ethnic and racial minorities;
  • students with disabilities; females; students of lower socioeconomic status; first- and second-year students, and others not traditionally involved in the development of new knowledge.
Examples of high-quality, inclusive programs from community colleges, primarily undergraduate institutions, minority-serving institutions, comprehensive universities, and research universities will help faculty, staff, and administrators enhance:
  • the lives of their students,
  • the direction of their scholarship, and
  • the impact of their disciplines and institutions. 
Practical strategies for building sustainable programs
Design and Implement Plans
  • Include components that influence student and program success
  • Engage a broad range of participants, partners, and stakeholders
  • Set goals and demonstrate impact
  • Integrate programs into the fabric of the institution
Lead Change
  • Make a case for expanding participation
  • Change assumptions, behaviors, and structures
  • Align changes with departmental and institutional goals
  • Prepare for further change
Maximize Investments
  • Make sustained commitments
  • Foster leadership at all levels
  • Help students, faculty members, departments, and institutions achieve their full potential
  • Pursue excellence