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Welcome to CURQ on the Web, which features supplemental materials for articles published in the print version of CUR Quarterly, text and visual materials not included in the print version, and complete articles separate from the print version.

Summer 2017 Edition

Undergraduate Research and Higher Education of the Future - Download Full Web Edition

Partnerships and Collaborations Impacting Student Research Programs at Community Colleges
Candice J. Foley and Nina Leonhardt

CURQ Vignettes:
Interdisciplinary Design Teams for Biomedical Engineering Design
– Conrad Zapanta, Wayne Chung, and Joanna Dickert

Research-Intensive Course Designation
– Donna Chamely-Wiik and Bethany Usher

Undergraduate Research Highlights

Spring 2017 Edition

Undergraduate Research Goes Abroad - Download Full Web Edition
A Delicious Connection: Global Learning through Structured Multimedia Dialogue
Brandon Inabinet, Tami Blumenfield, and Amanda Richey

See the films discussed in Inabinet et al.:

Enhancing Global Citizenship through Student Research Presentations
— Rachel Core

Winter 2016 Edition

Undergraduate Research in the Curriculum, Part 2 - Download Full Web Edition
Redesign of a Research Methods Course in Psychology: A Model for Teaching and Integrating
Undergraduate Research

– Nicole J. Bies-Hernandez, Nora D. Dunbar, Gregory L. Busath, Matthew D. Anderson, John J. Houser

Fall 2016 Edition

Undergraduate Research in the Curriculum - Download Full Web Edition
Doreen Sams, Karen Berman, Steven Jones, Amy Pinney, Kalina Manoylov, Christine Mutiti, Samuel Mutiti, Allison R.
VandeVoort, Caralyn B. Zehnder
Karen K. Resendes, Joseph M. Balczon, Joshua C. Corrette-Bennett, Kerri Cornell Duerr, Katherine Robertson
Research in a Senior/Sophomore Cell Biology Curriculum
— Melville B. Vaughan
Course Scaffolding for Research Practicums
— David Lonzarich, Evan Weiher, Ruth Cronje, Jessica Kraker

Summer 2016 Edition

Undergraduate Research Collaborations: Partnering for High(er) Impact - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Lisa M. Piazza, Drew Smith, Richard S. Pollenz
Jenna Steiner
Special Education Collaboration: Undergraduates Provide Voice and Perspective for Students and Families Living with Disabilities
—Vaughn Bicehouse
A Distributed REU Site Focused on Serving Physics and Astronomy Students from Comprehensive and Community Colleges
—Michael Jackson, John F. Mateja
Research Collaboration Creates Opportunities for High-Impact Undergraduate Research
—Ann E. Ellis, Lisa M. Oakes
Spreading High-Impact Practices from the Genomics Lab to the Entire College and Beyond
—Gita Bangera, Kim Harrington, Cheryl Vermilyea


Spring 2016 Edition

How Undergraduate Research Advances Science Policy - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Susan J. Gilbertz

Winter 2015 Edition

Beyond Grants: Creative Funding Sources for Undergraduate Research - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Candace Rypisi, Michael Bergren
Alice Bean, Susan B. Twombly
Supporting Undergraduate Research Through Targeted Alumni Groups
Kristi Haik, Keith Walters
The VCU Quest: Forging New Paths to Support Undergraduate Research
Herbert Hill


Fall 2015 Edition

Ethics and the Responsible Conduct of Undergraduate Research - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Michael C. Loui and Renata A. Revelo


Summer 2015 Edition

Undergraduate Research and the Professional Schools - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Christopher Magno
Community-defined Research Projects with Undergraduates in Social Work and Nursing
Lisa Quinn-Lee, Charlotte K. Sortedahl, Susan D. Moch, Cara Gallegos


Spring 2015 Edition

Assessment of Undergraduate Research - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Kelly Laurila, Jani C. Ingram, Margaret M. Briehl, Robert T. Trotter, II
Mary Lanzerotti, Maggie Varga, Sean Creighton, Derrick Langley, Diana Cahill, Richard Martin
Assessment-Driven Changes to Programming and Evaluation of Research Writing and Communication - Sumana Datta

Winter 2014 Edition

Undergraduate Research Goes Abroad - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
C. Renee Rohs Sparks and Aaron W. Johnson
Colleen Marchwick, Karen Havholm, Karl Markgraf, Katie Weibel, Donald Mowry, Daniel Herman, Jennifer Muehlenkamp, Wanrudee Buranakorn, Jyl Kelley, and Leah Olson-McBride
Preparing Undergraduates for Research Projects in Faculty-led, Short-term Study-Abroad Courses - Sarah Glasco
International Community-Based Research: Undergraduate Research with Impact - Mary Ann Studer
Undergraduate Field Research in Brazil: Encouraging Students Underrepresented in the Geosciences - James F. P. Cotter, Heidi Anderson Folnagy, Antonio C. Rocha Compos, and Denise Bacci
Rhetorics of Pluralism and the Almost-Hidden Research Agenda - Brandon Inabinet


Fall 2014 Edition

Undergraduate Research in Support of Sustainability - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
CURQ Vignettes:
Creating Value Through Collaborative Undergraduate Research Award Programs in Sustainability - Lynnette Overby, Roger Strong, Jr., Mark Christel, Gretchen Sneff, Gregory McKinney, Rebecca Maniates

Summer 2014 Edition

Undergraduate Research in Capstone Experiences - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Other Articles
Douglas W. Stamps
E. Lee Coates, Aimee Knupsky, M. Soledad Caballero
Christopher S. Kim, David M. Shafie
Jessica M. Sautter
CURQ Vignettes:
Undergraduate Research and the Chemistry Capstone at Willamette University - Todd P. Silverstein, Karen L. McFarlane Holman, J. Charles Williamson

Spring 2014 Edition

Human Rights and Undergraduate Research - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Other Articles
Joseph L. Murray, Sean D. Fortney, Anna E. Gioni, Zoey G. Goldnick, Kevin L. LeValley, Scott R. Schler
CURQ Vignettes:

Winter 2013 Edition

Undergraduate Research in a Mobile, Web 3.0 World - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Jon Grahe, Esther Guillaume, Jerry Rudmann
Other Articles
Lauren M. Dahlquist
Community-based Research with Podcasting in Introductory Geoscience Courses - Laura Guertin; Systems Analysis and Design of a Web-Centric Information System - Stephen Larson; VIPEr: An Online Academic Resource Enhancing Undergraduate Research - Sheila R. Smith, Sibrina Collins, Hilary Eppley, Margret Geselbracht, Elizabeth Jamieson, Adam Johnson, Chip Nataro, Barbara Reisner, Joanne Stewart, B. Scott Williams, Lori Watson; Using Mobile Technology to Enhance Undergraduate Research - Christine S. Anderson, Tracey Arnold Murray; Transforming Community-Based Studies with Mobile Apps - Jean F. Coppola
Sequestration Leads to Mid-Research Changes at University of South Alabama - Julio F. Turrens; Layoffs, Student Shifts at University of Washington - Janice DeCosmo; Summer Research Slots Hit at Central Washington University - Michael Jackson, Linda Schactler; Impacts Feared at University of New England - Deena Small, Markus Frederich, Charles Tilburg, Amy Deveau, Edward Bilsky

Fall 2013 Edition

Undergraduate Research as a Pathway to Innovation  - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Barbara J Speziale
Amy Fairfield-Doering
Lauren Madden, Louise Ammentorp, Jacqueline DeNarie, Tara-Lyn Farrell
Who are My Members of Congress?

Summer 2013 Edition

Building Undergraduate Research Experiences into General Education - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Ardi Kveven, Josh Searle
Introductory Biology Course Involves Every Student in Authentic Research - Clark A. Lindgren, David Lopatto; Engaging First-Year Students in the Earth Sciences Through Dune Research: The FYRES Experience - Deanna van Dijk, Crystal Bruxvoort; Undergraduate Research in a Japanese Culture Class: A Pedagogical Narrative - Sufumi So; First-Year Experience: Think Like a Nurse - Marie Graf, Kathryn H. Anderson; The Practical Value of Undergraduate Participation in Descriptive Science Research - Susan J. Rehorek, Timothy D. Smith; An Integrated Research and Writing Experience for Freshman Biology Students - Christopher J. Grant, Jill B. Keeney, Norris Z. Muth
Lauren Griffith, Tolga Kaya
Susan Carson, Eric S. Miller
It's All About Relationships

Spring 2013 Edition

Student Voices in Undergraduate Research - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Adam Crews
Cat Bradley
Undergraduate Research in Anthropology - Erin Smith
A Rehersal in Research - Amber A. Gibson
Student Research: The Rewards and Responsibilities - Marissa Carmello and Kazlin Mason
Conducting Research While Studying Abroad: Lessons from Central Asia - John Turiano
Undergraduate Research Abroad: A World of Opportunities - Paula Adler
Tips for a Successful Conference Poster - Nancy Abrego
How to Succeed in a Summer Research Program - Melissa Gutworth
Presenting Undergraduate Research at National Events - Amber Anderson and Bradley Celestin
Trapped Between Learning Paradigms: The Psychological Challenges of Transitioning to Research - Maria Brun
Five Ground Rules of Research for First-Generation Students - R. Ally Martin
Advice for Older Students: Pursue Research Opportunities - Julie S. Allstrom
Finding Success and Confidence in the Virology Laboratory - Jaime Antonio Castillo

Winter 2012 Edition

Connecting Undergraduate Research to Federal and State Legislators - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Joseph C. Sloop, Judy Awong-Taylor, and Thomas G. Mundie
Angela Brew
Stuart Hampton-Reeves
Kelly McConnaughay

Fall 2012 Edition

Students as Change Agents - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Laurie McMillan
Padmanabhan Seshaiyer
Kerry Karukstis
Joyce Kinkead
Deconstructing "Race" in (Re)constructing Change - Ayanna Brown, Holly Capot
Students' Commitment to Undergraduate Research - Karen Havholm
Undergraduate Research Training Blossoms at VCU: Pollinated by Students - Sarah E. Golding, Nicholas A. Pullen, Tenchee D. Lama Tamang, Nisan M. Hubbard, Herb H. Hill, Suzanne E. Barbour
Student Research on Concept Mapping Informs My Teaching - Bryan D. White 

Summer 2012 Edition

Presenting Results: Regional Undergraduate Research Conferences
Karen Nordell Pearson
Joyce Kinkead and the UCUR Steering Committee
Charlie McCormick, Rissa Potter, Elizabeth Puthoff
Keith A. Kline, D. Alexis Hart, and Patricia D. Hardin
Kelly Christopher, Thy Nguyen, Chandler Robinson, Stephen Xue, Faraz Khan, Stephanie Reeve

Spring 2012 Edition 

Measuring Undergraduate Research Experiences Through Course Credit and Faculty Annual Reports
Patricia Pukkila, Martha S. Arnold
Using an Annual Report to Establish Metrics of Student Participation
Allison A. Snow
Doubled Participation at ABRCMS: Data on the Growth of a Student-Centered Conference
Amy Chang, Irene Hulede
Angela Wilson


Winter 2011 Edition

Heidi L. Everett, Kristen Nairn and Catherine A. Stoch

Recruiting Undergraduates with Research: Streaming the Communication Process for Prospective Students
Julia Spears, Anne Hardy and Rachel Munoz Tripodi
Michele LeBlanc and Dane Rowley
Keoki Y. Noji

Fall 2011 Edition

CURQ on the Web Vignettes: Additional Examples of Undergraduate Research for All?

Supplement to: Columbus State University’s Approach to Undergraduate Research in Biology
William S. Birkhead, George E. Stanton

Undergraduate Research Highlights


Summer 2011 Edition

Posters on the Hill Report
Michael Castellani

Posters on the Hill Address
T'SeyHaye Marie Preaster


Spring 2011 Edition

Supplement to: Executive Officer's Column
Undergraduate Research Week Resolution (HR 1654)
America COMPETES Reauthorization

Developing a Better Way to Improve the Research Skills of Underrepresented Students
Kanyand Matand, Ning Wu, Lisa L. Rollins

Supplement to: Using Summer Research to Attract Pre-College Underrepresented Students to STEM Fields
Robert C. Johnson

Supplement to: The Crossroads of U.S. Demographics and Higher Education: A Tale of Disparate Futures
Craig Longtine, Megan Jones

CUR Quarterly Book Review Policy


Winter 2010 Edition

Peer Mentoring at a Space Science Undergraduate Research Program: Students' Voices and Lessons Learned
Wilson J. González-Espada

Peer Mentoring in an Introductory Biology Laboratory
Melinda Harrison, David Dunbar, Catherine Mageeney, David Lopatto

CUR Fellows Address: Remembering to Perform Actions in the Future: Can Interventions Pop Into Mind?
Gilles O. Einstein

CUR Fellows Address: Green Chemistry and Chemical Ecology
PowerPoint Presentation
Thomas E. Goodwin


Fall 2010 Edition

Successfully Combining Start-up Faculty Research with Undergraduate Research
Jennifer A. Bennett

Collaborative Research in Business Schools: Benefits from the Research Group Model
Kenneth R. Bartkus, David Olsen, Robert J. Mills, Stacey Barlow Hills

Undergraduate Research on Writing: Benefits to Faculty and Curriculum Development
Doug Downs, ZuZu Feder

Student and Faculty Perceptions of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)
Mary Crowe, Deborah Stanford and Mona Shattrell

Supplement to "The Scholar in U Experience" at Tennessee State University
Todd Gary, Leigh Arino de la Rubia, Mark Brinkley, Maria Thompson

Supplement to NCUR: A Look Back as CUR and NCUR Join Fornces
Gregory Young, Michael Nelson


Summer 2010 Edition

Evaluation to Improve Programs and Demonstrate the Value of a Research Experience for Undergraduate Students
Connie Kubo Della-Piana and Gabriel M. Della-Piana


Spring 2010 Edition

A New Approach to Teaching Ethics in General Chemistry
Jaqueline D. Hooker, Gregory M. Ferrence, Marjorie A. Jones, and Susan M. Schelble

Call for Submissions of Articles on the Theme "International Perspectives on Undergraduate Research"


Winter 2009 Edition

The Uganda Project: A Cross-Disciplinary Student-Faculty Research and Service Project to Develop a Sustainable Community- Development Program
James P. Bolender, Jr. and Anita J. Hunter

Taking Advantage of Opportunity: Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Abroad
Amy J. Orr

Call for Submissions of Articles on the Theme "International Perspectives on Undergraduate Research"
Kelly McConnaughay

Supplement to Interdisciplinary Research Projects Supported by the NCUR/Lancy Program
Janet Stocks and Sandy Gregerman

Supplement to Synthetic Biology as a New Opportunity for Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research
Todd T. Eckdahl, Jeffrey L. Poet, A. Malcolm Campbell, and Laurie J. Heyer

Supplement to Facilitated Learning Through Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Involving Retrospective Epidemiological Studies and Memories of Older Adults
Teri Shors and Susan H. McFadden


Fall 2009 Edition

Results from the 2008 CUR Quarterly Readership Survey
Glena Temple, Stephen Heinemann, James LaPlant


Summer 2009 Edition

Everything We Teach Was Once Someone’s Research: Creating a Culture of Discovery on Campus
Carl Strikwerda


Winter 2008 Edition

Call for Applications for CUR Quarterly Issue Editor

Models and Assessment of Collaborative Research in the Arts and Humanities
Teresa Gilliams, Lawrence Morris, Kristen Woodward, Kennon Rice and David Osgood

Thinking Big: Celebration of Scholarship Stimulates Undergraduate Research at a Small Public University
Stephen Marvel, Marjorie Maddox Hafer, and Roger Johnson

Supplement to the Gesture of Thinking: Collaborative Models for Undergraduate Research in the Arts and Humanities
Jennifer Blackmer

Supplement to Interdisciplinary Efforts Used to Assess Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Stella Erbes