Litzenberger_ChambersUndergraduates come to their first research opportunities with a wide range of knowledge, experience, and talent. Many students possess intellectual knowledge but lack social maturity. They have less life experience and may have little or no work experience in a professional work environment. They may be less confident. Some of these students are just developing their critical thinking and analytical skills. Many, perhaps most, have grown up within a highly structured educational system, and they have learned not take the next step until they are told to do so. They may not know how to think about analyzing the process or asking questions on their own. Others may have confidence but little experience and may make inappropriate decisions about the research or procedures. On the other hand, some students will come with experience or with a natural affinity for doing research, will exhibit maturity, and can function at the level of a graduate student. Students come to their undergraduate research experiences with a passion for science or engineering and great enthusiasm and high expectations for the work they will do.