Learning Through Research

Tapping the Potential of All Students

Developing Undergraduate Research at Community Colleges:
Tapping the Potential of All Students


The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) in collaboration with the National Council of Institutional Administrators (NCIA) has recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (NSF-CCLI) programto build a foundation of knowledge and the resources upon which a vision of undergraduate research at community colleges can be constructed by providing workshops for community colleges considering or just beginning undergraduate research programs, employing expert presenters to help participants plan changes at their institutions and address implementation issues.

The campus workshops are the cornerstones of this grant. The workshops will be designed to assist community colleges to develop effective and sustainable undergraduate research programs. The workshop curriculum will be developed to take into account the specific needs and characteristics of community colleges such as a mission that emphasizes teaching over research, five course teaching loads, commuter students who may have full-time jobs and families, and the career preparation and transfer needs of students. Integration of undergraduate research experiences into the curriculum is a powerful way to introduce community college students to undergraduate research and will be a major component of the workshop curriculum. Articulation and funding will also be workshop topics. In addition, specific aspects will be incorporated into the workshop curriculum to account for the unique circumstances of community colleges in regional, suburban, and urban locales.

Meeting Dates:

October 1-3, 2010 Malcolm X College Chicago, IL
November 5-6, 2010 Southern Maine Community College South Portland, ME
November 18-20, 2010 Eastview Campus--Austin Community College Austin, TX
February 4-6, 2011 Mesa Community College Phoenix, AZ
March 4-6, 2011 Jefferson State Community College Birmingham, AL
April 1-3, 2011 Edmonds Community College Lynnwood, WA
September 24-26, 2011
Rural Community College Alliance
Oklahoma City, OK
October 7-9, 2011
North Hennepin Community College North Brooklyn Park, MN
November 18-20, 2011
J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Richmond, VA
February 3-5, 2012
Irvine Valley Community College Irvine, CA
March 2-4, 2012
Queensborough Community College New York City, NY
April 27-29, 2012
Johnson County Community College Kansas City, KS

If you are interested in participating, please contact Nancy Hensel at nancy@cur.org or 202-783-4810x201. We are coordinating with the National Council of Instructional Administrators on this project. Brent Cejda is the Principal Investigator of the grant, and Diane Gronewold is the project coordinator. Should you have questions, please contact her at dgronewold1@unl.edu.

Participant Materials and Models: