Learning Through Research



Information to be supplied by the College/University Administration:
___ AAUP Salary Ranges and Starting Salaries for Faculty Ranks
___ Recent Levels of Internal Support for Start-Up Costs, Research, Equipment, and Faculty Travel Funding for the Department and/or Division
___ Statement of Goals for the Department and/or Division
___ Name, Title, Address, Telephone and Fax Number of
___ Department Chair/Head
___ Dean or Division Head
___ and/or designated administrative contact person, (if different than above)
___ Last Fall Total Undergraduate Enrollment
___ Last Fall Total Graduate (M.S.) Enrollment
___ Description of Sabbatical Leave and Other Faculty Development Programs

Information to be supplied by the Department:

A. Personnel
___ Vitae of each Faculty Member; include grants received, publications (indicate names of undergraduate co-authors)
___ Four to Five Year Listing of Teaching Loads (total contact hours per week) of all Individual Faculty Members (all courses and laboratory sections)
___ A List of Technical/Clerical Support Staff members with List of Responsibilities
___ A Description of any Release Time/Teaching Credit Programs for Chairs, for Directed Research, for New Tenure-Track Faculty Members, or any other faculty members
___ A Description of the Role, if any, of Teaching Assistants (MS Graduate or Undergraduates)
B. The Department
___ A Narrative Statement of Departmental Goals and Recent History
___ A Description of the Role of the Department within the Division/College of Science
___ Four to Five Year Listing of Enrollments in all Courses and Laboratory Sections
___ Four to Five Year Listing of Departmental Graduates, Honors Received and Post- Baccalaureate
___ A Description of the Departmental Seminar Program, if any
___ A Listing of Library Journal Subscriptions in the Discipline (and related disciplines)
___ A List of Computer Data Bases or Search Facilities Available to Students/Faculty
___ A List of Science Library Staff
C. Curriculum
___ Course Syllabi (most recent for each course taught; include multiple sections if sections differ substantially)
___ College Catalogue or Bulletin
___ Suggested Program Outlines for the Major and the Minor, if one exists
___ Description of Recent Curricular Modifications and their Impact
D. Budget
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Departmental Budget Line Items
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Departmental Library Journal and Book Budgets
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Internal Research Support

E. Equipment and Facilities
___ Departmental Building Space in Square Feet (also indicate % available for research)
___ Description of Multimedia and other Instructional Technology routinely available
___ Description of Animal Husbandry and Greenhouse Facilities (if they exist)
___ Description of Other Specialized Facilities (e.g., darkrooms, NMR room, laser lab, etc.)
___ Description of Safety Equipment, Safety Program, etc.
___ Major Instrumentation--List Up To 10 Instruments and Year of Acquisition
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Departmental Budgets for Capital Equipment Acquisition and Maintenance (including computers)
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Departmental Equipment Grants (list external source & amount)
F. Undergraduate/Graduate Research
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Internal Research Support (any source within the school for research activity)
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Summer Research Projects, Including Topic, Supervisor, Student, Graduation Year of Student, and Source(s) of support.
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Departmental Research Grants (grants from external sources that are not specific to an individual research program)
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Academic Year Independent (Directed Research) Projects Supervised by Your Faculty
___ Representative copies of recent Independent Studies and/or MS theses
G. Opportunities and Problems
(This section is taken, with permission, from the excellent booklet “AAPT Guidelines for the Review of Baccalaureate Physics Programs”)
___ What Opportunities Do You See For Improving Your Departmental Program?
___ What are the Most Critical Problems Facing Your Program?
___ If Additional Resources Could Be Devoted to Your Departmental Program, in What Order Would You Address the Opportunities or Problems Identified Above?

General information
Purpose, structure, size and composition, preparation.

Procedures for arranging a review
"Usual" sequence of events for a review.

Program Review Application Checklist
Information checklist that will be provided to the consultants prior to their arrival on your campus.

Program Review Survey
To be completed by contact person at institution who requested a review upon completion of the review.


Program Review Report Summary
To be completed by the lead consulting upon completion of a review.

Program Review Timetable
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